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    I recently had a UFO experience that I wanted to share. Also wanted to see if any one else has ever had one.

    A while ago I visited a few oldies that I really liked and spent some time with but at the end of the encounter unthinkingly left them in an unusual place and forgot all about them...Recently I visited the same place again and to my surprise I found them there but couldn't remember their names...They seemed to have changed from what I could recall...They wouldn't reveal it either. I resolved to find out somehow, so I said I'll come back visit them again. I did do so a few more times and then on one of the last visits it happened. It was perplexing at first but towards the end a light shone. It all became very clear. I recognized each of the unidentified fragrant oils which I had carelessly left unlabeled in a pouch somewhere in my collection box.
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