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Yamada Torajiro

Discussion in 'La Maison Khenata' started by F4R1d0uX, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan


    Location : Upper Assam
    Distillation Year : 2019
    Style : intriguing, complex, social friendly.

    London Oud Fayre 2019, I was going there having spent my last cents hoping to keep La Maison Khenata afloat by making a decent score.

    I had already spent a lot of money to make the Guldasta and what was left of (very expensive) wild of grade insence and (a minority) of its shavings to top up the pot to make the Yamada Torajiro happen.

    I was talking to an English oud colleague about my plan to make a most special Hindi while the fermentation process started.

    His answer, if he remembers correctly was: "huh, interesting ...".

    Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the Japanese sounding name, yes of course the overall profile is indeed of a Japanese style but what La Maison Khenata serves you with the Yamada Torajiro is pure Indian Gastronomy.

    Oud lovers know two kinds: barn and not Barn, traditional or modern.
    Basically: soaked and unsoaked.

    The fermentation process:

    Did you know that most of what you eat comes from fermentation?

    No matter where you come from on Earth, you have a fermented specialty.
    Your social drinks come from fermentation, your charcuterie comes from fermentation. Your yogurts too, your kimchi too, your kefir too and as we also talk about Japan, your miso paste too.

    No chocolate without the fermentation of the cocoa bean, is chocolate barn?

    The fermentation process, if well controlled, does not serve to rot an organic matter, it serves to give it a rebirth.

    And that's all that the Yamada Torajiro is about.

    Believe it or not, you are about to swipe an oud that has been fermented for much longer than the most barn ouds you have ever known and yet you will not believe your nose, like all those who have already tried it before you : 0 barn, pure minimalist in its immense complexity, à la Japonaise.

    There too, I will ask you to believe yourself: the Yamada Torajiro did not come out to the store earlier because it is the first oud of which I have not managed to fully go around and at the time when I write this text , I haven't break all the notes down yet ...

    I'm releasing it just because I was asked by many people to make it available, otherwise it could have stayed aging for a long time .

    At application, you are struck by all the notes of what the Yamada Torajiro has to give you: yes but all at the same time!

    Your brain cannot digest as much information at once and as a natural reflex, you move your head backwards to regain your senses: this is where the Yamada Torajiro sequence begins...

    Black tea with a slight hint of peach, sheesha tobacco, creamy spicy custard vanilla, light woody creamy vapes Japanese incense stick , Siberian musk into Mysore sandalwood maceration et caetera, et caetera, et caetera ...

    So give yourself a bottle of this oud of rare beauty and please do me a favor: tell me what notes you found ...


    First orders already coming, it was a small distillation so stock isn't big ...
  2. iori

    iori True Ouddict

    good luck brother :)
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  3. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    I was lucky enough to get my hand on a sample of this oil on my last order .
    Now just trying get my hands on it before it’s gone
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  4. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Thanks fam'
  5. IntheRedwoods

    IntheRedwoods Oud Fanatic

    Wow, just tried and immediately ordered more. First time. This oil is unbelievable, immediately one of my favorites.
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  6. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Yes I saw it, I'm packing it tonight and will add some of the wood that went into the Tian Long distillation:Thumbsup:.
  7. Brandon

    Brandon Whats this Oud About?

    I sampled this oil and I can say it is a winner and the description is spot on.
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  8. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Thanks a lot @Brandon mate :praying:.
    It looks like half the batch gone looking at the jar ...
  9. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan


    Looks like new notes been cracked here !
    Gona check on my side:Thumbsup:

    Those who got it, did you get these notes ?
  10. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Yamada Torajiro 10gr left (4 bottles) !
    First come first served !
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  11. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Running low !
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  12. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Yamada Torajiro 1x2.5gr and 1x1.5gr left all bottled into a LMK attar bottle.

    1x2.5gr : 450$ (instead of 526,50 on the store)
    1x1.50gr : 310$(instead of 347,49 on the store).

    PayPal friend and fam first come first served !

    It was appreciated as more than a top oil, sadly hasn't found many ouddicts homes so it's time to make it up with this help !
  13. IntheRedwoods

    IntheRedwoods Oud Fanatic

    Super oil, definitely worth experiencing.
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  14. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    One bottle left, last chance no need to come after and ask me if I have a hidden bottle somewhere :Roflmao: !
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  15. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Special of the week : get a full bottle and receive a free sample of the unreleased Aceh Ton : a profile at the cross of the Sumatera Gelang and the Yasuke !
  16. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time!

    That sounds like quite an oil mashup! Will there be an official release too?
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  17. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Thanks bro yes maybe by September .

    Aroma starts to be rounder and less terpeny

    Envoyé de mon MI 8 en utilisant Tapatalk
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  18. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan

    Gone to a very very very good home Al hamdulillah !
  19. NoLimit2Light

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