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Wood Grading

Discussion in 'Oud Wood' started by Andrew Salkin, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Been learning more and more and seeing more vendors websites, IGs, etc.

    Seen words like Queen, King, Baby King, Underwater (imagine sinking means same thing), semi-sinking, incense grade, crayon, collection grade?

    Do different countries have different grading systems? Is the below range about right?

    Double Super
    Triple Super
    Baby King
    Fast Sinking
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  2. Joe King

    Joe King AttitOud

    I think that is correct generally, although some suppliers may have differing idea's. Also my understanding is underwater is supposed to mean the tree was found submerged, and I am not sure if this is being applied correctly. There is also soil wood which is from trees that have been found beneath the ground.
    edit: it should be noted that grade does not necessarily equate to the quality of smell.
  3. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    I didn’t realize all those fancy grades were still not sinking quality. Somehow I thought king and super king would sink!

    the grading system is comical. The whole industry - it’s like people have been exaggerating and hyping their wares for centuries and ever more self-aggrandizing labels are needed.

    it’s like Spinal Tap’s amplifiers going up to 11...

    can we add “rainbow unicorn” and “super ultra”??
  4. Joe King

    Joe King AttitOud

    Yes indeed the industry is self regulated and mostly relies on vendors honesty. Grading is supposed to relate to the amount of resination of the wood, high resination does not always mean sinking.
    edit. I did have an amplifier that went to 11 but the smoke got out ...
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  5. Alkhadra

    Alkhadra "Master Kafeel" Resident Artisan

    Hey there! I'd list it more like this:

    Double Super
    Triple Super (Not an actual grade, in the Malay/Indonesia region, large, chunkier pieces of double super are called triple super)
    Fast Sinking
    Then afterwards comes all the king stuff. Baby king, king, blah blah.

    But every place has their own grading scheme, what I call super others call triple super, what you call C others call A.

    The grading system that follows the C, B, A, AA, AAA, and so on is an entirely different one.

    To make matters worse, go to Cambodia, they call their AB grade "Triple King Super". lol :Whistling:

    As for the rest of the terms you've mentioned. crayon, collection grade, incense grade, those can be considered marketing terms. Vendors can create their own criteria for a certain quality of wood and give it a name so that customers can be familiar with what that vendor is offering.

    Semi-sinking is basically half-sinking.
    Underwater means the Oud doesn't float if you put it in water...ie, sinking. In the gulf region, Sinking grade is called Underwater.

    Queen grade is a difficult one though, and I'm not about to invade my Oud and start checking its gender either. That's considered a form of harassment in these parts. :Roflmao:
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  6. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Is it just me or are smaller pieces actually preferable in the lower grades? I find that bigger chunks of gotten of "Super" or "Double Super" are just disappointing because upon cutting open, the center is usually devoid of any resin...

    I'm about to buy a package of wood from one of these isntagram sellers - probably agarwoodvietnam or the like - I see them post all the time really great looking wood at epicly low prices. I'll be the guinea pig :)
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  7. Moe Ab

    Moe Ab Whats this Oud About?

    Share your experience please.
  8. Imran S

    Imran S Oud Fanatic

    Smaller pieces have worked better for me as well

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  9. Anwar

    Anwar True Ouddict

    Amber Oud has really awsome looking chips. He aslo seems to take special care in the cleaning process to get rid off all of the "bunk" aspects. From his vids, his chips almost "ping" like a silver coin, compared to some other vendors' nickel! Also, azman_oudh. His pieces look amazing, and numerous forum users have praised his product.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2019
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  10. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Never heard of amberoud. Instagram?
  11. iori

    iori N00bHead

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  12. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Just for the record
    I have no affiliation with Amber Oud:Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:

    But talk about presentation...
    the pictures of the oudh chips on that site
    are so beautiful:Inlove:
  13. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Hmm - I was actually thinking they look like your standard cultivated fare. I haven't had a chance to convert the pricing into US to see what they are charging per gram yet. If under 5, I'd be game to try some of this wood.
  14. Anwar

    Anwar True Ouddict

    He does have Trat. But also a lot of other woods, Hindi, Cambodi, etc. Prices vary. And the Kuwaiti Dinar is STRONG, compared to the dollar!
  15. Godoud

    Godoud Oud Fan

    Ok, all the king queen prince all does not exist lol these are all fanciful terms started by Arabs AAA, supet double super loL
    Sinking, half sink, all these yes. And most importantly only 2 group
    Wild natural or others ( fake, stimulant, cultivated,)
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  16. iori

    iori N00bHead

    ^ so true, most of people here use that terms here and ofcourse its different from person to person, each grade it what he say ofcouse 99& of time it's not correct, so far in market many so called double super or triple barely any good
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  17. Godoud

    Godoud Oud Fan

    Yes ignore all these self made terms.
    Natural wild means natural wild no more no less. Double means? Injection plus boiling lOl
    How all these people twisted and make new term making simple stuff complicated
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  18. Alion22

    Alion22 Oud Fan

    Do the sinking grade ouds have less top notes ?
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  19. Godoud

    Godoud Oud Fan

    Depends on the nature of the wood

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