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Will Pay Top$ For Syeds Ascent And Others!!!!

Discussion in 'Pure Essential Oils and Aromatic Woods Wanted' started by Bigboy, May 13, 2020.

  1. Bigboy

    Bigboy True Ouddict

    Will pay full handsomely in Cash or trade for AA syeds ascent or EO oud royal 3. Other oils listed would be looking for a good deal in cash but am willing to be VERY generous in trade on any on my list.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    Willing to trade for
    Agar Aura Syeds ascent
    Ensar Oud
    Kannon koh
    Purple kinam
    Oud royal 3 and 5
    Oud ahmed
    Additioy will consider other high quality wild oils from other Ensar and Taha and JK but in general I am looking for wild very high,sinking,part sinking grade Indonesian (non sumatra) and Malaysian and sweeter or citrus Chinese varieties that are not overtly spicy for medcinal purposes.

    Here is what I have for you :

    All prices are paypal freinds and family, quarter tola and new and unused unless otherwise specified. I am absolutely obsessed with keeping my oils in a dark climate controlled environment and absolutely positively NO OILS EVER HAD SKIN CONTACT.

    Agar Aura
    Suka Cita
    Two drops extracted via sample vial applicators i buy lots of for one time use and throw away.

    2011 Fried Mongolian Musk
    Riseing Phoenix. 1 GRAM. Last sold for $550 per gram YEARS AGO. Looking to get $667 per GRAM. (discount available for quarter tola).

    Japanese incense house sourced vietnamese Kyara Kakuwari. The most Extremely fragrant from the bag , mind zening, tongue numbing (no for real I'm not just saying that because it sounds good) beautiful aroma on earth hits you when you open it. These peices were sourced many years ago...(some all the way from 2005) when the quality of kyara coming out of Japan was many fold of what you see and smell today. This is NOT the same stuff , from my experience, which is being sold today which I very rarely am able to smell anything from at room temp . 1gram for $1600

    *I am a collector of ultra rare vintage Indian mysore oils. If you want powerhouse antique oils you came to the right man. These oils are ROBUST!, unique, and very dynamic! These oils have been expertly stored in pyrex and all have either been collected from a trusted known vendor , gcms tested, or from a sealed bottle picked up directly from the original owner. TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE THAT YOU WILL KNOW YOU HAVE SOME OF THE BEST MYSORE ON YOU CAM SMELL!

    Antique Mysore sandalwood oils
    1907 Mckesson, Antique mysore sandalwood oil. 2.5grams $399
    Extremely luscious creamy (not buttery) opening that holds through.

    1920s Cook, Evverte , and Pennell
    GCMS verified sourced by Russian Adam at Feel Oud. 2.5g $350
    Really a stunning beauty, just like the 1907 opens creamy but then transitions into a perfumey unlit incense and spice bazaar.

    1950s Government Mysore "1936 standard." 2.5g $350
    Where the 2 oils above are very unique and beautiful this oil is what you would expect if you went back in time and walked into k&S and took a big deep breath in 60 or 70 years ago : big old logs and chunks of fresh cut heartwood!

    RP sourced ultra high grade White ambergris infused
    1907 Mckesson, Antique mysore sandalwood oil. @50% concintrait. Smell is mind blowing and 3 dimentional. Has a beautiful and intense turbo boosted mysore aroma (none of my mysores are weak but this one is INSANELY strong) coupled with a light babys breath and red clay vibe. 3g $999
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  2. Bigboy

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