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Wild Thai Oud Khao Kho

Discussion in 'Royal Bengal Ouds' started by Royalbengalouds, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Royalbengalouds

    Royalbengalouds Resident Artisan

    Greetings, Salamulikum, Shalom , Namste ,Sasrikal , new treats and gems posted on the online store.
    This is one of my favourite oud oils , I can actually wear this oud around my wife and house hold, as majority of my friends know I love the heavy barnyard oud , but this oil is on the contrary, no funk , no aged liquor nuances , beautiful and voluptuous nuances from top note to middle note to the dry down

    Top Note : Chinese Tea on the top is heavy and heavenly. Jungle earthy notes with pulsing floral nuances that sing like an orchestra
    Middle Note : Menthol notes slowly releases with Vanillin scent coming out. Wet smell like jungle floor after rain , sweet core of florals coming out from another world
    Base & Dry down : Beautiful powdery dry down with herbs , menthol woody nuances still can be detected and spicy notes do pop up with scent of bubbling agar chips

    2.5 ML 300.00 Canadian dollars ( regular price 415.00 ) as usual with every purchase we always add extra surprises so we can make you smile and make you feel like a kid in a candy shop.

    For all Ouddict member please use coupon code iloveoud15off , this coupon code is valid 365 days a year on all of our products

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