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What Does It Cost To Sell A Bottle?

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    Wow mrP that is a very respectable collection!! I have previously said I would trade for my cannabis Eo but did I ever mention my love of sandalwood? This week we harvested wet fresh cannabis and flash froze it on dry ice and drove it 2 hours to the lab to be extracted. They will pull off all terpenoids then crystalize the thca and add the terps back in. I will be standing there and request a small bottle of one of the craziest things I have ever smelled. It is a c02 extract
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  2. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    those bottles stay sealed, until I stumble across an equivalent or it is my last decent oil. what I permit myself access to is the opened bottle which I have treated it gently but has had a lot of air space as it is a large bottle. I have smelled oxidized sandalwood oil that was really nice so I decided to let the oil just develop as I used it. My point is I can’t honestly say that what I’ve got open has necessarily been stored to your standards. I left the bottle in a cool dark place, decanted into smaller bottles to use. Opened maybe 1x per month or less.
    so maybe not the standard I see here on the marketplace: “one or two small swipes removed with plastic toothpicks and decanted into high recovery micro vials with no airspace” as an example.

    I don’t know what you are talking about but I could swap a little sample for a little sample!
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  3. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    I’m just looking for trades that’s all
  4. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    If you want to trade a ml or so of the sandalwood for some terpenes that sounds fun, but it will have to come from the open stock so only a small amount. If I was unclear, by “I don’t know what you’re taking about” I intended “I don’t know what amount you’re talking about”

  5. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    I understand the sentiment, @Rai Munir

    Part of the challenge in addressing these kinds of statements are manifold. As the video goes into more detail (not sure you watched the video) - there can be quite a big chunk of a price tag that's eaten up just by overhead / operation costs.

    The $5/g you keep mentioning...here in the US you can buy pretty average plantation Sandalwood for about $3500 / kg. Even when buying by the kg, $1.5 / g won't cover operation costs - especially at the volumes the vendors do. Those oils are sold at those prices because they are being produced tens - or even hundreds - of tons at a time. The companies buying purchase in large volume, and sell and produce products in large volume. And these are the so-so quality, young plantation oils. Imagine if they were producing high end oils?? The reason they can be sold cheap is due to volume. Coca Cola can sell Coke's for $1 because they sell a billion of them a week. What would the price be if they were selling 500 of them a year ... ?

    Another challenge with this $5 / g price tag you mention - is that I can't even produce them for that much. I doubt other vendors here can, either. Do you understand that $5 / g is LOWER than the cost of production? Selling at that price would be at a loss. And the ONLY factor you seem to be taking into account - is the cost of raw materials. Operational costs, overhead, stock sitting on shelves, taxes, rent, utilities, economies of scale. Not to mention R&D costs. I've got over $20K I put into developing my Indonesian Sandals - haven't made a dime on the project yet. And those costs are reflected in the price of the oils. We haven't even gotten around to paying oneself to be doing the work of providing these materials to folks yet. Or the amount of time it often takes to even break even on 1 single project, let alone make any actual profit.

    I understand where you are coming from. I understand thinking things are expensive. Unfortunately - I don't quite think you've got a grasp on the sheer expense of running these companies, undertaking projects that can take months to even produce anything - and years to even break even on. Believe me - I wish I were getting rich doing this work. I think so many companies have been popping up because they think it's easy money. News flash - it's not easy money, nor is it immediately rewarding.

    I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately - your numbers don't even cover the production of artisan Sandalwood oils - let alone cover any of the bills associated with doing the work.

    I can only hope that one day, yourself and others, will understand just how misguided comments and numbers like those really are.
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  6. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Thanks for addressing the post in detail.

    Respected JK, each word of yours makes sense. No doubt, the expenditures are ample; Moreover, blocking money for a long long time is another factor. Currency devalues as well, but the price tag remains the same even after a year or two or so. Marketing expense is there too. And above all, hunting a pure oil is not possible without acumen that majority of vendors are truly blessed with. This expertise is to be paid, though it cannot be paid in terms of funds, but love and respect is a must.

    I say yes to all paragraphs of your post with an open heart. But, I feel there was something other than price in my post that you missed. I wished you had grasped I had been coming from that point as well. I clearly said he who owns has a right to determine price. Second, for me wearing oil is a luxury. I haven't used it as something religious as I know it very well it is more religious to gift funds to my brothers and sisters than to acquire oil. I just highlighted the difference in prices while quality wise how much difference can be sensed? Every oil is the best somebody has smelt or will ever smell. And then between the lines a connotation of serving the humanity, not just community, by providing at that price. Even then, he who owns will decide.

    We are all interconnected. A beautiful nexus we have developed, though bad patches are into the scheme of life, but life continues. A little bit expression of love soaked criticism is beauty. Otherwise the forum would turn to be a place where "O man, o man, what a killing oil and almost a gift" keeps echoing. God forbid.

    Again thanks for understanding 99 per cent from where I was coming.

    Cheers and peace!
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  7. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    The little guy always pays the highest price.
    That’s why it’s so hard to survive as a small business in a corporate world . Its a struggle that is usually fueled by love for what you do or some deeper connection to it. Translating that into a profit or a legit businesses reality is tricky. Turning a passion or a hobby into a business is tough.
    I will be ready to try some of your sandalwood oil soon Rising Phoenix, as soon as I get off this mountain:)
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  8. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    I appreciate your further elaboration @Rai Munir !

    I know you understand what I’m talking about. Folks, unfortunately, just hone in on the “no more than $5 / g” and I wanted to address that directly :)

    I always appreciate discourse that further paints a more broad picture of how these products come to be. My post was intended to be educational. The conversation has been great so far as it certainly helps to paint a more well-rounded understanding of what it takes to pour oil into those bottles ;)

    Thanks to all who have been participating!

  9. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Looking forward to it!
  10. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    I’d love any advice on places incense houses to visit in Japan
    Going in January
  11. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Which city will you be in?
  12. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Yamadamatsu and Shoyeido would be my recommendations
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  13. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    We are planning a quick no kids trip to eat crazy food and see beautiful things for a few days so will only visit two cities Tokyo and....
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  14. ander.s

    ander.s Whats this Oud About?

    Kyoto, obviously! No?

    (Sorry to chime in like that, but I just returned from there, and the endorphines are still high!)
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  15. RisingPhoenix

    RisingPhoenix Resident Artisan

    Kyoto would be a good place!
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  16. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    Thanks for the reference
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