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Discussion in 'History of Oud' started by Yawar ibn Saeed Al-Hindi, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. Yawar ibn Saeed Al-Hindi

    Yawar ibn Saeed Al-Hindi Resident Artisan

    Hello all

    I m creating this thread to share and learn about the historical accounts of oud. For indeed one of the aspect of oud is that it transcended all human races and cultures, cut across all geographical boundaries to weave its magic and charm upon all throughout the recorded history!

    Even though the trees of agarwood grow in the far east, yet we find it being mentioned by ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, Romans, Persians and the Arabs for its fragrance, medicinal use, health benefits and therapeutic properties.

    Indeed it was one of the most sought after commodity by various societies and empires in trade with India, China and other eastern kingdoms and nations. It was part of major trade routes through land and sea like silk route, spice routes and incense trade route.
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