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Warning About Rose Oils

Discussion in 'The Natural Perfumer's Palette' started by Ersel, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Ersel

    Ersel Stoudent

    Esselamu Aleykum and hi to all,

    The pure rose oils contain a considerable percentage of a chemical called Methyl Eugenol (around 3% according to some online sources). This chemical has been shown to be carcinogenic and to cause cancer in rats. Here is one such article:

    This one mentions the amounts found in some essential oils:

    And here is an IFRA guideline on the amount of rose essential oil an end product can contain. IFRA is maybe too strict though.

    So we could try reducing the amount and/or the frequency of wearing pure rose oils, or try applying it to the clothes instead of skin. If anyone knows anything more about the safety or hazards of other essential oils, they can hopefully contribute as well.
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  2. Feder Unix

    Feder Unix Whats this Oud About?

    IFRA together with EU Commission are a bunch of corrupt and terrorists that ban natural ingredients to push and pump Big Perfumes producing synthetic molecules and captives, such as Firmenich, Giveaudan, Symrise, Tagasako, and all the mafia corporations of the perfumery industry.
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  3. Ersel

    Ersel Stoudent

    Esselamu Aleykum brother,

    one should know then that there are multiple organizations that list "methyl eugenol" as a carcinogenic. In other words this is not the prevalent opinion in the fragrance industry only. Food industry, skincare product industries and such all have these restrictions.
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  4. Singularious

    Singularious Whats this Oud About?

    I would like to know what this means from a practical perspective.

    Meaning where can I use how much rose oil and remain safe for common practical use.

    e.g. In a warm bath, with other carrier oils, as aromatherapy, etc.

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