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Vetiver Roots

Discussion in 'Olefaktory' started by EJayB, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Abu Amir

    Abu Amir True Ouddict

    Nice only it wirk and u are happy its good. Is this 20 liter or 10 liter pot?
  2. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    The bottom condenser is cooler at the bottom And warms slowly As it raises But if anything does reach the top Condenser it is slightly cooler at the bottom
  3. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    It’s a 10.5L little pot, fun to play with
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  4. Abu Amir

    Abu Amir True Ouddict

    Nice, i have a question do u know how many kg wood dust u can have? In an 10 liter? Half full ofcourse to do destillation, i want to know how much kg wood capacity 10 liter pot can have.
  5. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    Depends on size of dust, they say 5kg but that’s not realistic, I’ll be loading some fine dust next week so I’ll let you know. But I plan on only 2.5 as I like a bit more water in my pot, I have electric heat mantle for heating
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  6. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    It just mean that the water I use is from an ancient well , I place the still on top .
  7. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

  8. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    Wow. A big bunch of vetiver root is a wonderful thing all by itself.
  9. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

  10. Abu Amir

    Abu Amir True Ouddict

  11. Adam khan

    Adam khan Just Arrived

    Respected brother.....would like to know abt this sample....oudh+vetiver.......
    Eagerly waiting

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