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Usa Legalities Of Siberian And Farmed Musk

Discussion in 'Musk' started by Kabir Attars, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Kabir Attars

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    Russia freely allows the hunting of musk deer within the boundaries of their territory, specifically in Siberia where the Siberian musk deer lives. The Siberian musk deer is not in danger of extinction. Musk grains from Siberia are therefore a legal product because they come from legal hunting and from a species listed on Appendix II of the convention, i.e., not threatened with extinction, trade and hunting allowed under the correct licensing systems, etc.

    Deer hunting in Siberia is tightly controlled, with hunters applying for licenses in a seasonal lottery that determines what number of deer they can kill. Sometimes they can kill only 5 deer a season; sometimes 20. This helps the government keep an eye on overall numbers of the deer population and ensure that they are kept steady.

    The legal status of the musk depends on the legal status of the source. So, if your musk comes from a species that’s not in danger of extinction and a country has legalized the hunting and killing of the musk deer, or that has musk farms, then the musk is perfectly legal.

    From a practical standpoint, if you, as a perfumer, doctor or consumer, have the right permits and licenses to import deer musk from a legal source of a deer species not listed on Appendix I of the convention, i.e., a deer speciesnot threatened with extinction, then it is a legal product and you are importing it legally. Your customers can also buy it from you legally, either in perfume or medicinal form.

    CITES convention: USA Fish and Wildlife

    Appendix-II and -III specimens
    may be imported and exported without CITES documents, provided theforeign country does not require a
    CITES permits.

    Siberian Deer Musk is Appendix II

    Appendix I includes species threat-
    ened with extinction and provides the
    greatest level of protection, includ-
    ing restrictions on commercial trade.
    Examples include gorillas, sea turtles,
    most lady slipper orchids, and giant

    Appendix II includes species that, al-
    though currently not threatened with
    extinction, may become so without
    trade controls. It also includes species
    that resemble other listed species and
    need to be regulated in order to effec-
    tively control the trade in those other
    listed species. Most CITES species
    are listed in this appendix, including
    American ginseng, paddlefish, lions,
    American alligators or mahogany.

    Appendix III includes species for
    which a range country has asked
    other Parties to help in controlling
    international trade. Examples include
    the walrus and alligator snapping
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  2. EJayB

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    This is great information , something I haven’t thought about as I carelessly import Sibermusk and soak in Mysore sandalwood oil. About a month in on my first maceration.
    2 types of musk(3grams total) in 10 grams of Mysore. Got my fingers crossed and my hopes high
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  3. Kabir Attars

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  4. NinjaRobb

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    Thank you for the information. I confirm that all of it is true as written here. Only there is not a lottery and auction, as a result of which there is a distribution of coupons for the number of males or females.
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  5. Kabir Attars

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    Alsalamualaykum thank you for the correction.

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