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Uk Border Force Stealing Oils!!!

Discussion in 'Elixir Attar' started by Elixir Attar, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    Dear Ouddictians

    i am writing today to inform everyone to be careful when sending to the UK, or if you are in the UK, as there is a new growing trend now in which the border force officers steal the oils and perfumes and i have proof herewith which i will present to you all.

    Last week, 3 packages sent by Elixir Attar to the UK to different customers - all shipped with DHL Express- were all seized for an adhoc customs check, which is highly unusual as they usually do 1 or so, but thats also possible by border controls so its ok,

    only to my shock and surprise that they later send the packages to the customers with empty bottles and a letter of apology that the goods were damaged during the checkup!!!

    for all 3??

    Some of you may thing well, they may have found something in the oils or so, but if thats the case, they actually confiscate and send a letter for the confiscation reason, they dont send the package to the customer empty of its contents!!

    if it was to make them pay more customs in case they suspect an undervalued invoice, they ask for a proof of payment for the oils.

    but to have the customers receive EMPTY bottles??
    As goods were damaged?? During check up??
    For 3 different customers??!!

    i am dealing now with the UK as a failed country to be honest as this wouldnt even happen in a failed state!!!

    what a sacrilege!!

    here are the photos to support my claim

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  2. Lupin fox

    Lupin fox Oud Fan

    This is crazy....Doesn't seem right at all.

    Did you check up with customs on this? As those letters do not look right at all.
    I have had letters off customs (I live in uk) but these ones do not have the department letterhead's, no signatures (not always on there), no department contact address or number, no printed date just hand written, No case reference number.

    Empty bottles would not usually sent on to customers like that. Sometimes they send a completely empty parcel.
    Does seem very strange and I have no doubt that customs steal peoples post, but these letters just don't look right to me.

    Hope you have managed to sort out getting your money back.
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  3. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    Completely agreed

    eveything about it is a sham
    No unfortunately we still did not get any reply
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  4. Lupin fox

    Lupin fox Oud Fan

    Did you refund the customers?
    The reason I ask is although they were 3 different customers those letters were all dated the same, the same employee number so all 3 were ordered and sent at roughly the same time for them to have been in the same customs checking assignment.
    This seems a bit fishy that all 3 shipments would have been opened and all 3 "damaged". That combined with the weird customs letters makes me wonder if those 3 customers are the same person and pulling a scam.

    Something that is hard to prove unless customs tell you they are not responsible, but if you have not refunded them yet I would ask them to wait until you have at least had confirmation off customs, as it is very fishy.
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  5. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Ouddict Co-Founder

    I said this from the start it all seems dodgy and fishy esp those letters. Did you resend oil to customers or refund?
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  6. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict


    I know these customers personally, all of them
    Besides, the customs did seize them as it showed so in DHL tracking, its not their fault, we reached a certain agreement,

    so, its just blatant corruption
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  7. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    I actually sent several packages later to the UK without any problems with DHL, it was a certain person wrong place wrong time kinda situation
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  8. Lupin fox

    Lupin fox Oud Fan

    Ahh so you have proof that it was customs from DHL. My mistake, I thought the only thing you had was the customs letters.
    The letters that they sent you though are still not right, or at least when I have had goods searched the letters were not like that.

    I hope they sort it out for you ASAP.
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  9. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    yes, the letters dont look that official at all,
    And yes there is proof customs seized them from DHL

    Thank you for your kind wishes
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  10. Ouddict

    Ouddict Ouddict Co-Founder & Tech Support

    I am suspecting that you may have been targeted because none of this makes any sense at all
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  11. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    Well if you think about it....really there has been a huge increase in online shopping globally....I have bought thousands upon thousands of £s, $s, and €s worth of items in the last 3 years....long before SARS-Covid2 was ever heard of.
    Never lost anything in delivery, not a one. Had a few missed deliveries but that was soon resolved....yet in this past few months I have has three parcels not make it (well one not made it so far)
    One is just lost and I some how imagine that the label got ripped off and it is now sitting some where unloved. One is sitting in UAE I believe and hasn't shown any signs of moving...so much so that
    Ulugbek Abdumominov had to send out a new package and another package which I still have hopes for will eventually move.
    I have used RM, Fedex, DPD,DHL,USPS,UPS and many more besides.
    There has been such an increase around the world, that I am amazed that packages make the trip sometimes such has been the increase in volume because of the pandemic...Firms have been hiring in response and I just wonder weather some just see it as an opportunity to make something on the side....wrong but none the less...seen as like taking staples from the office...a perk of the job..
    And if you think shopping is safer...well a friend of mine bought some goods recently in a shopping mall...wasn't happy with something...went back and the shop was gone...closed up...so strange times indeed.
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