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Two Important Features Of Herbs From Tropical Areas

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, May 17, 2020.

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    Two Important Features of Herbs from Tropical Areas

    By Yubin Lu, Ph.D., L.Ac
    **(A Collegue of mine - thought this applied perfectly to many of our Aromatics - including Sandal and Agarwoods, which he also managed to mention)

    In Chinese medicine, the herbs from tropical areas are of two kinds, one kind is the herbs from fruits, including Sha Ren, Bai Dou Kou, Cao Guo, Cao Dou Kou, etc, which are all aromatic and function to Move Qi, Warm the Interior and Dry Dampness. The other kind is some wood from trees such as Tan Xiang (Sandalwood ;) ), Ding Xiang, etc, which mainly function to Move Qi, Lower Rising of Qi and Warm the Interior. Why do these herbs have these functions?

    Firstly, it is hot with plentiful precipitation in the tropical areas. It is hot because Yang Qi there is abundant, so plants growing in the tropical area should be hot or warm in nature as a result of absorption of much stronger yang qi in nature. This is why they can Warm Up the Interior.

    Secondly, since it is very humid, most plants grow fast and have a short life span. Furthermore, insects, worms and so on are more likely to live in a hot and humid environment, so they may bite or eat the plants and cause damage to the plants. Therefore, to be able to live a longer life, some plants in the tropical area have to develop something that can Eliminate the Dampness, insects or worms, which is actually the aromatic odor. This kind of odor not only removes the Dampness, but also kills worms or insects. This is why these herbs can Dry Dampness and Move Qi in the human body, and many herbs from seeds of tropical plants, such as Sha Ren, Bai Dou Kou, Cao Dou Kou and Cao Guo, function to Warm Up the Interior, Move Qi and Dry Dampness.

    Thirdly, The aromatic odor of the pants, being able to Remove Dampness and Eliminate the Turbid Air, will consume the water or fluid in the plants, making the plants denser in quality and heavy in weight, As a result of this, these plants can have a long life span and function to Warm the Interior, Move Qi to Relieve Pain, and Lower Rising of Qi because of their heavy weights. For example, Chen Xiang (Agarwood ;) ) can Assist the Kidney in Receiving Air and Lower Rising of Stomach Qi, etc.

    The royal palaces in Ancient China are mostly built with the woods from tropical regions, since they are hard, solid, long-lasting, aromatic and pest-free without deformation.

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