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Timor L'este - A Rare And Distinctive Timor Island Agarwood - Gyrinops Versteegii - 帝汶雙頭尖

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    Timor L'este - a RARE and distinctive Timor Island Agarwood - Gyrinops Versteegii - 帝汶雙頭尖

    Jungle : Timor L'este

    Class : Wild

    Species : Gyrinops versteegii

    **These are a particular fave in the Taiwanese market

    This is a unique species of Gyrinops : Gyrinops versteegii with limited distribution in Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor and Alor islands of Indonesia.

    Timor has long been famous for Agarwood and Sandalwood - and is actually credited as the point of origin for Sandalwood album - thought to have been transplanted to IndoChina some 4-5,000 years ago.

    In years past it was an incredibly dense landscape of highly valuable aromatic trees - in part why the island was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It's unique terroir led to later coffee plantation proliferation. Timor coffee is considered one of the best and most expensive to come out of Indonesia - with more common Sumatran coffee being supplied in much higher concentration.

    Any quantity of good quantity of Timor Agarwood has been hard to find for many years - let alone any quantity of good quality.

    Here is your rare opportunity to find a decently priced, super rare to source Timor L'este Agarwood.

    **These chips do well with a little more heat - and are suitable for both Electric as well as Charcoal heating.

    **Resin-density is quite good despite being lighter looking chips ... a hallmark of Verteegii species.


    Grassy, earthy, with hints of spice and sweetness

    If you like Sri Lankan Walla - you're gonna LOVE these rare Timor chips!

    0A2FEF8B-E866-4144-A3A4-8125DA10D0CC.jpeg 9C055828-C7A5-4B34-B902-65DB6AC92443.jpeg

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