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    Im really enjoying hearing about your process and imaginative approach , i think imagination is the key . To be open and receptive and let the universe work though us . That is such an excitement . How did it go, do tell! The only thing i would change is to use pure alcohol rather than perfumers , it has some nasty stuff in it . Ive been getting samples from the states of organic grape, cane, wheat, and corn 190 proof ethyl alcohol .
    The grape smells a bit fruity , the corn is a tag pungent and the worst of the bunch the wheat is good but not my favorite , the cane you dont really smell nothing at all , so its the best i feel of all the bunch , you will have to try it ! Ill be using organic cane alcohol 190 proof in my perfumes and maybe sometimes grape as well . Ill probably take it a step further and distill the alcohols when i get them as well .
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