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  1. Louis Miller

    Louis Miller Whats this Oud About?

    As I sit and enjoy the last sample swipes of IO's Nagaland Imperiale, I thought I'd share some of what I've experienced thus far.

    First, the Oud! What a difference one week can make, both in the depth of one's sense perception but also in one's capacity to welcome and enjoy the pleasures of this powerful exotic oil. Here is the list of Ouds I've worn:

    RP's Cambodi Fusion - 1999 Co-Distillation
    RP's SumbaWalla - Emerald Incese

    EO's Oud Yusuf
    EO's Assam Wilde

    IO's Sinensis III
    IO's Viet Zephyr
    IO's Nagaland Imperiale

    Though I chose these ouds somewhat at random (and several were complimentary gifts), I feel that this cross-section of oud profiles was broad enough to teach me about the primary aromatic attirbutes of agarwood:

    Wood! Even as their surface colors and complexities are so varied, each of these oils is built upon a foundation of sweet woodiness that is uniquely and magically "oud." Of these oils, two stood out as outliers; SumbaWalla was so sticky-sweet that it smelled more like medicine than wood, even as it dried down. And Sinensis III was so warm and hauntingly caramelized, not powdery or fruity or floral, that it smelled more like . . . I don't even know . . . smoke nectar?

    The Cambodi is the leatheriest, while the NI also features some less smoky, funkier leather. Ensar's AW acheives little-to-no leather in it's spicy-smooth, unthreatening profile.

    Barn! While the Cambodi had a distinct leatheriness that is perhaps barn-adjacent, the NI and the AW were the funkmasters. AW is certainly smoother and less intense in the opening act, whereas NI has a hot, raw, earthy, even slightly cheesy wildness that speaks much more loudly than Ensar's.

    Flowers! Of the oils I've worn thus far, I think this profile is probably underrepresented, but Ensar's OY gets there is a hurry. RP's Walla Patta is also arguably floral-ish. Is there such a thing as a green flower?

    Spice! Nagaland Imperiale is the pepperiest, Emerald Incense opens up with quite a bit of grassy heat as well.

    Fruit! All kinds of fruit! VZ lychee lime! Cambodi dried purple plums! Nagaland lychees, melons, and a few cherries too!! SumbaWalla guava! Assam Wilde . . . banana? Cacao?

    Smells aside, I've noticed that owning these first few ouds feels like safeguarding treasures. They make me want to have a clean, well-lit, elevated place in my home to keep them - a positive side-effect. In fact, if you were to ask which of these is my favorite thus, far, I'd probably say Sinensis III, based on the fact that I feel most protective of it. I can't just swipe it willy nilly - it calls for a special occasion! This is how you know you've got something special; the oil inspires me to be my best!

    Now, for my final note:
    what to buy next? I'm trying to pace myself and set a sustainable rate of consumption, and I've had to stop myself before nearly buying several ouds. I found a very good price on 2011-2012 Ahora Kyaku, but that sounds like a very specific dark tonality that doesn't instantly appeal to me. I've been very impressed with Imperial Oud thus far, and feel as if I'd probably love any of the oils they have currently on sale, though I'm sorry I missed Shaj Jahan. At the moment, I'm leaning hardest towrads pulling the trigger on AA's Meitei. It's reasonably priced and seems like I'll kick myself if I miss it. Any thoughts? Best examples from other artisans? Oils of a kind I've not yet experienced? Good value ouds?

    Thanks for an invigorating and enlightening week of ouddiction!:praying:
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  2. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    Just some humble suggestions of mine:

    Sri Lankan Oud: Al Shams by Habzoud, People's Ceylon by EO, Wilipatu Raja by IO (Any one)

    Borneo: Midori Qi by EO, Borneo by Habzoud (Anyone)

    Cambodi you have tried. But, Kuzen by AA is marvellous. Once I liked Camellia when both Camellia and Kuzen were fresh. But respected AZsmell rightly said at that time that Kuzen will excel.

    Hindi Un-soaked Distillation: Bahadur by IO (Shah Jahan's successor). If AA's Hindustan 1 were available, I would have included that in this list as well.
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  3. jalil

    jalil Oud bully

    Thanks for sharing your experience its very interesting :praying:

    I recomand La Maison Khenata Mandalay Signature...every oud lover need a burmese oud ;)
  4. Edward Muller

    Edward Muller Oud Fan

    I second this !
    Malay Cola as well if you do get Mandalay Signature.

    HabzOud’s Sugar, and Smoke

    EO’s Tigerwood Royale

    Al Shareef’s Hareer or their latest Safwaan
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  5. AZsmell

    AZsmell Oud Fan

    For excellent, unique ouds to sample I would recommend Agar Aura Sutera Sumba and Keo.
    Kuzen is also an excellent Cambodi which for some reason no one is buying.
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  6. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque Analogue Oud

    From the outset, please sample before buying full bottles, including what follows.

    If you liked Nagaland oil, then try Oud Naga from Zak. Send him a pm (via Etsy) for a sample. I'm almost certain he'll send you some.

    For Malasian Oil:
    - If you're looking for incenses: I highly recommend Malay Encens from House of Misk and Rose de Malaysie from La Maison Khenata. LMK's Malay Cola is quite good too. but I need to spend more time with it.
    - if you want something more complex - then Ibn Zamrak from Al Hashimi (not yet released). Please note that it is still a relatively younger oil. So things can only get better.

    For Cambodian: ASO's Layth - a very mature oil. Not loud at all. Love it. I will wear later today -time to write down my long impression of it. lol

    If you fancy earthy and smooth A. filaria: then Ard from Habzoud is quite good. Best to grab his sample pack deal.

    For Bangladeshi oils: talk to Ish of @Royalbengalouds ... He'll make sure you become fan of those powerful oils!

    Also grab a sample pack from Treasure Oud.
  7. Louis Miller

    Louis Miller Whats this Oud About?

    Blessings to you experienced ouddicts! I hoped for some well-reasoned guidance, and you didn't let me down. I'm excited to report back with new reviews. Luckily, I may not have to wait very long; kindest Habzoud has already sent some samples my way :Geek:.

    By the way, I'd read some great things about Zak's Meitei but I''ve heard no encouragement to take the plunge. Some difference of opinion here, I wonder?
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  8. jalil

    jalil Oud bully

    Meitei is already a legend oil but need more experience with hindi to trully appreciat it.

    If you can, grabe a bottle and keep it for later before its gone for ever ;)
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