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The Most Expensive Pu-er In History

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, Dec 28, 2019.

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    The Most Expensive Pu-Er in History

    Hot damn!


    The Most Expensive Pu Erh Tea In History
    By admin-flavourful 3 August 2019No Comments
    1920 ZiPiao FuYuanChangHao (1920年紫票福元昌号)
    When it comes to the most expensive items, there is no other place to look than the auction houses.

    In the west, the record for the most expensive single bottle of wine ever sold goes to an imperial-sized bottle (equivalent to 6 litres) of 1947 Cheval Blanc – USD$551,314 and the record for the most expensive whisky sold goes to the bottle of Isabella’s Islay – USD$6,200,000.

    Whereas, in the east, we just had the most expensive Pu Erh Tea tea sold at HK$26,320,000 / USD$3,362,774.

    On 29 May 2019, the Tokyo Chuo Hong Kong has auctioned the most expensive Pu Erh Tea in history – 1920 ZiPiao FuYuanChangHao (1920年紫票福元昌号) with final price sold at HK$26,320,000 / SGD$4,633,241 / USD$3,362,774.

    It surpassed the Hundred Years Old Nan Piao Shong Ping Pu Erh Tea (百年蓝票宋聘普洱茶) auctioned on 26 Nov 2018 with final price sold at HK$13,328,000 / SGD$2,345,794 / USD $1,702,785.

    The Auction Details
    • Name: 1920 ZiPiao FuYuanChangHao (1920年紫票福元昌号)​
    • Year: 1920​
    • Production method: raw tea​
    • Storage method: dry storage​
    • Quantity: 1 barrel​
    • Weight: 2236g​
    • Valuation: HK$14,000,000 – HK$16,000,000​
    • Final sold price: HK$26,320,000 / SGD$4,600,000 / USD$3,362,774​
    Source from hk.thevalue.com
    Antique Tea That Lasted For 99 Years
    The tea has bettered the test of time after it was born for more than 10 decades. The flavour has been deepened with the weight of time. Tasting ancient Pu Erh tea is an act of tasting life and the beauty of this tea will make you never forget about its taste.

    Fu Yuan Chang – The Hundred Years Old Company
    The credit goes to the company behind that has also stood through the test of time. Fu Yuan Chang (福元昌), the Pu Erh Tea company who started more than a hundred years ago by Fu Yu Sheng (余福生) in the late 19th century. He was a hardworking and honest man who dedicated his life in researching and selecting the highest quality and finest tea for his customers.

    Fu Yuan Chang Hao (福元昌号) tea house was honoured as the top 4 tea houses during that time. The hundred years old Fu Yuan Chang Hao (福元昌号) has always enjoyed reputation with the title: “King of Pu Erh Tea”.

    Why Are Ancient Pu Erh Teas So Costly?
    Good old teas are rarer than gold. A sip may cost you hundreds of dollars. These Pu Erh teas never drop in price over time because the decade-old tea trees are scarce nowadays.

    The older the teas get, the more valuable it gets. This is one of the reasons why good teas are so pampered in China, especially within the Chinese tea community.

    The Life Of Pu Erh Tea Continues Even After Sold
    First, it has to be inseparable from a suitable storage environment. Second, it has to be produced with good raw materials. Lastly, it has to be taken care well by the good collectors.

    The post-fermentation Pu Erh tea will continue to grow in the storage environment. The true essence of Pu Erh tea comes not only from its raw materials and techniques of producing but also its storage environment.​
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  2. amazing!

    thats a steep cup....
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  3. RisingPhoenix

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    I wonder if that cup is worth that hit to the bank account ? :Geek:
  4. Drizzt

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    I guess I’m gonna put all the Puerh I have in a safe and keep it as an investment lol
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  5. mlb78

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    That price is higher than the best da hong pao oolongs!!!!!
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  6. VPhong

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    "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" or more accurately the perception and appreciation of the person experiencing it.

    I have been drinking age tea for the last 20 years. Personally I love it but I also know it is not for everyone.

    Sharing a few pictures of a 1950s Liu An Sun Yishun from my blog. These pictures make my knees weak in the same way a picture of Kinam would many here :Inlove: ;)


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  7. RisingPhoenix

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    MAN those are gorgeous! I bet the taste is as unique as the leaves look! Ya lucky bastard ;)
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  8. VPhong

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    I am indeed lucky to have gotten my hands on this tea. That said it wasn’t for a lack of effort on my part. It took me years of searching and flying in and out to meet with fellow tea collectors and specialist sellers. It was still a bargain compared to how much this 1920s puerh command :Roflmao::Laugh:

    The 1950s Liu An Sun Yishun is a very high quality tea produced for the upper class of Chinese society. It is representative of an old era of extravagance under capitalism in China before Chairman Mao Zedong and the Communist Party seized power. The craftsmanship and production of the tea was incredibly labor intensive and meticulous requiring skilled workers. The old leaves possess amazing richness, depth and complexity. Smelling the tea leaves when their aromas are released after each steeping of hot water is mesmerizing and a pleasure not to be overlooked. The type of oud that comes closest to what is presented is an elegant and refined Meroke (but it is not a Meroke if you get my meaning). This is further accented by a distinctive black melon skin note.
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  9. RisingPhoenix

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    I’m thirsty now. :Roflmao:
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