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Symphonie De Vert Exquise

Discussion in 'Elixir Attar' started by Elixir Attar, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. Elixir Attar

    Elixir Attar True Ouddict

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Proud to present to you our first ever green chypre genre perfume, Symphonie De Vert Exquise.( symphony of the exquisite greens).

    We at Elixir Attar always take everything a step forward, our green perfume is a lush experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression with you and your friends and loved ones.

    What we did to make it, first of all, we used ample amounts of ambergris and musk (for a tincture) and made sure that it has the right balance between sweetness and animalic notes.

    The whole composition from start to finish takes you to a legendary jungle in which you will meet violets, jasmine, narcotic white florals, petrichor (smell of damp earth), Malinau oud oil that is a lively green resin basically, lily of the valley, water hyacinth and cut grass, all coupled with a zesty after rain citrus background aroma.

    The twist is the hidden secret notes which will not be fully disclosed, however, they will be mentioned in the olfactory description as a bundle))

    Leaving you addicted for more, if you are a lover of the green perfumes, specially the classics like Balmains’ Vent Vert and the likes, this one will surprise you in all aspects.

    Olfactory Description


    Water Hyacinth, Arabian Incense note, lime, galbanum, violet


    jasmine (4 varieties), iris, lily of the valley, carnation, tuberose, blue lotus, ylang ylang , geranium

    Basenotes: styrax, benzoin, ambergris resinoid, musk tincture, petrichor (mitti attar triple distilled), oakmoss, orris

    NOTE: This perfume has a Christmasy Spirit to it, hence the choice of time for release))

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  2. pcmm

    pcmm Whats this Oud About?

    This is absolutely amazing, Ahmed. Very well done. Chapeau! I've had the honour to enjoy this beauty yesterday, thanks to you! Today I could still smell it. The longevity is absolutely off the charts. I'll need to write a review in the other section of the forum! Congratulations on the new release!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping:
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  3. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows True Ouddict

    Yeah the longevity on this is unreal. It’s amazingly green , spicy, fresh and ouddy. I Love love LOVE it!
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