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    With the hoi an - i sometimes feel small swipes are best as some of this oil’s finest moments are when it is gently wafting or perceived at a level that it is not dominating all possible scent receptors; kind of intertwining with the smell of air, trees, whatever is around you. That said, there is this dense scintillating woody-oily heart note that really only reveals itself when you put on a bigger dab... delightful as well and for some reason reminds me of a much older oud oil like the km super ateeq. It doesn’t smell like the km super at all, but in both of their hearts there is this same rich dense note - it is very psychoactive in the sense of being calming, engaging your attention, providing a fantastic enjoyable scent.
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    Yep very much agree.
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    Too funny you too? I was thinking of calling my line something quixotic like I.R.S.
    Inspired by chocolate incense I got from the Mermaid and some I read about from Japan. But I want to do three. Like a little box of chocolates. I will take pictures when I have it fleshed out. The cross will be to use natural ingredients and somehow goose the scent up with absolutes. For electric burners. I'm happy with my results so far but I want to be better than happy.
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