Sultani Grade Dhofari Luban (Hojari)


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Boswellia Sacra from the region of Dhofar is the most desirable luban in the world. People use it for fumigation, medicine, and more. Sultani grade is recognizable by its big pieces of luban and green color.
You can contact me on ouddict or WhatsApp me at (+968)96033211.


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Just Arrived
Bought some luban from brother Omran and I really enjoyed it. Tried some of each quality and they're all really nice top quality omani luban for a very decent price.

A beautiful brother to deal with and the shipping also went well.


Just Arrived
Just received a kg of this sultan grade hojari from Omran and enjoying some as I type this. I’m very pleased with the product; high quality green resin for a great price and Omran is a wonderful person to deal with.


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I have received mine from brother Omran who is very humble and genuine guy. He even shipped my stuff before asking payment. True gentleman and that frankincense and myrrh are unbelievable priced with exceptional quality.


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I ordered some Sultani luban and African myrrh from brother Omran, which was a very pleasant and personalized experience! He was also kind enough to send me some Omani bakhoor samples which I will describe forthwith...

The luban is excellent, I have a few types/colours from other sources and this is my favourite so far. When heated the vapour is very fine, almost like a steam, and the aroma is very bright and commands attention. The myrrh is extremely resinous and pure, not rocky at all and it vaporizes easily. The aroma is deep and a perfect combination for the brightness of the luban.

Here are my notes for the bakhoor (on subitism heater):

Roasted citric aromas, stone fruit pits, burned cherry, tree blossoms, spiced pastries, baklawa, za'atar. Very gourmand, smells like good food and might make you hungry! Relaxing effect, good for everyday more than spiritual use.

In a similar vein to SH but more herbaceous and very spiritual.

Dried petals, citric, aromatic woods, nuts, bright minty green aromas. Active and stimulating effect.

This bakhoor has pieces of wood in it, whereas the previous ones are more granulated. Very perfumed in a powdery sense, floral, cloudy - easily fills a room. This also has a gourmand aspect of caramel and sweet baked goods.

This is mostly made up of large pieces of operculum shell or onycha. It looks simple but the shell is infused with a multitude of aromas. Quite hard to describe as it is very unique, but the vapour is extremely penetrating and easily fills a room. It is strongly perfumed and the effect reminds me of luban, quite serious and meditative. Onycha acts as a fixative so the aroma really hangs in the air.