Oud Fanatic
Hello everyone,

I have a few handmade subitisms available for sale

They are made from beech wood toped with a slate stone, the mica plate total surface is 70mm x 70mm, the heated area is 45mm x 40mm.

They come with an adjustable power supply that goes from 3,3v to 24,7v + 50 small mica plates (39mm x 24mm) + for this first batch a luxourious green leather box (17cm x 13cm x 7cm)

8 are available for now, the price is 160 dollars + shipping

You can order by sending me a message here on the forum or via whatsapp on +212617400551
We also have some oud chips if you're interested on (sorry the website is still in french, still working on the english version)

Also there is a possibility to write down a name or a design for free like in the first photo

i will upload more photos in chaa llah when i have better light


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