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Siberian And Mongolian Musk. What's The Difference?

Discussion in 'SiberMusk' started by NinjaRobb, May 16, 2020.

  1. NinjaRobb

    NinjaRobb Official Trader Siberian and Mongolian Musk

    I took a photo of Siberian musk on the left and Mongolian musk on the right. I just opened two different pods, didn't clean the musk or add anything to it, just put the musk on a white sheet of paper and took a photo. You will be able to see the grains in detail, see their color, texture, and composition.
    Pod: Mongolian almost hairless, Siberian half bald, half with hair

    Color: the musk from both pods is semi-dry, so we see that the Siberian musk is blacker, the Mongolian musk is brown

    Texture: both pods had a small amount of hair, and the Mongolian musk was cleaner. Siberian-more small grains, Mongolian-more dense balls that break up into grains.

    Weight and volume: Siberian musk is heavier than Mongolian musk by weight. If we compare 1 gram of Siberian and 1 gram of Mongolian, we will get a different physical volume, but the weight will be the same.

    Smell: Both types have an animal smell, but the Mongolian is softer in smell and the Siberian is heavier. If you compare them with each other. Still on my feelings Siberian more potent.

    I will add to this post as I get new observations.

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