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Selling Blue Kalbar

Discussion in 'Natural Perfumes, Oils & Blends Wanted' started by Yahya Schiltz-Rouse, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Yahya Schiltz-Rouse

    Yahya Schiltz-Rouse Whats this Oud About?

    I am selling an almost new 2 gr bottle of Blue Kalbar from the house of Ensar. It is a combination of Blue Lotus oil, Civet Paste, Kewda, Sandalwood, Nagaland & Sri Lankan Oud, Blue Cypress, and Ambergris. Florals and Ambergris are predominant in the opening. You can almost smell sunshine hitting a forest path as Blue Kalbar effectively recreates the smell of desert flowers such as those you encounter in some California national parks. As the perfume drys down a spicy mix of sandalwood and oud mix with the fruitiness of Blue Cypress creating an soda like sweetness reminiscent of lychee and sprite. The dry down is a melange of divine woodiness that feels cinematic, personal, and professional. This fragrance is very approachable and outperforms Borneo Zen significantly in terms of longevity. For example, you can smell the ambergris on your hands even after you wash them.

    Longevity 4/5
    Scent 4.8/5
    Approachable 4.7/5
    Unique 5/5

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