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Sayat Nova By Bortnikoff.com

Discussion in 'Natural Perfumes & Aromatics for Sale' started by Shimon of Brixton, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Shimon of Brixton

    Shimon of Brixton Whats this Oud About?

    9ml of Sayat Nova by Bortnikoff.com for sale only £50 plus postage

    Have only sprayed twice. Please PM me if you are interested.


    Extrait de Parfum (25 – 30%) 9ml , 50ml


    Top Notes: Apricot , Narcissus
    Heart Notes: Rum , Vanilla
    Base Notes: Oud from Laos , Bengal Oud , Oud from Trat , Oakmoss

    The scent evokes the romantic mysticism of exotic lands and bygone centuries. This exceptional creation fuses dark and intense woody tones with rich and luscious sweetness. Like the famous balladeer himself, Sayat Nova inspires images of romance, opulence and unbridled passion.

    Opening with a delectable combination of apricot and narcissus the perfume transitions to reveal a rich and irresistible pairing of rum and vanilla at its heart. At the base of the composition, three varieties of precious oud infuse their complex and inimitable magic alongside the classic foundation of oakmoss.

    The oud used comes from Laos, Bengal and Trat (in Thailand). Each variety has its own unique properties and their combination in perfect balance is an art which only a few can master. The choice of the rarest and highest quality ingredients ensures that this perfume will intrigue and enchant in equal measure

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  2. Rahil

    Rahil Whats this Oud About?

    Please check INBOX

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