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    I should clarify. Old sandalwood wood that was old to begin with, which I think Mr. P had, does not improve with time but gives up its scent over the years. If you let it sit out, say 10 years, the scent upon putting a log to your nose is quite reduced. Powder sitting out, well, that is almost scentless after a long time. However, my comment assumes that the chunks were not stored in a manner that conserves scent. If you seal that puppy up, it will retain its scent much longer. That's why I love mason jars.
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    I love the feel of soapstone. It's a pleasure to hold.
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    As luck would have it the parents of my kid’s good friend love incense. Added bonus, the mother is Japanese and can read incense box labels.

    so whenever I go over I bring one of the stones and we just plop it in the middle of the dining room table and start tossing stuff on it while we chat or eat or whatever.

    It is very very relaxing, and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon these people who can deeply appreciate incense, and most importantly are motivated to experience and learn as much as they can about it!
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    D84FB85F-3E17-42F7-A9D3-B44816CBBF27.jpeg Sandlewood overload today. Always love to wear tam dao over my sandlewood oils, my favourite sandlewood fragrance. Also getting ready to open my diptyque advent calendar this year :)
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    Just tried my Imperial Oud Ceylon Sandal Supreme, it's such an amazing scent! Went right away to purchase a full bottle however I've left it to late and it's sold out.
    Love the texture on this one and the clean menthol lightness. Looking forward to sampling the next sandal from Imperial Oud, great stuff!
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