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Rising Phoenix Reviews

Discussion in 'Oud Reviews' started by Taesik Yun, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Osmanthus Attar(1080).jpg
    Right upon swiping, the smell of intact osmanthus radiates from the skin as if they just bloomed. this apricot-like sweet flower is very aromatic and powdery. with that, mouth-watering yuzu adds an even more comforting vibe with its juicy and soft texture.

    This oil is simple but hauntingly beautiful. it creates a warm, welcoming vibe that conjures up the image of autumn when the fragrance of osmanthus waft through the air, having a nice cup of sweet citrusy yuzu tea.

    Projection of this oil very potent you just need a very tiny dap otherwise it can be overwhelming. longevity is great for easily 8 hours on the skin.

    "從此不知蘭麝貴, 夜來新染桂枝香" - 裴思謙

    "This night I soak myself to the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, forgetting about orchid and musk."

    I feel sympathy for this old Chinese poet. this oil left me in awe.

    Luscious, seductive osmanthus in a bottle, it is.
    I'm in love with this one.
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  2. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Thai Blue Lotus Attar(1080).jpg
    I know this 'review' will fail to describe how it smells nor help you imagine how it smells because this attar can't be explained through words. the smell of this attar is not like anything I've ever smelled before in my life, and I dare to presume you'd not either.

    Thai Blue Lotus opens up with dewy honeyed blueberry-like sweetness and luscious flowers. the scent leads me somewhere dreamy dimension with its alluring, mysterious quality.

    There's much more than blue lotus but it's very hard to tell what has gone into this blend because all the notes intermingled together smoothly and harmoniously.

    As a whole, it creates this tranquilizing, dreamy vibe. the scent feels very dense while being spacious.

    As the scent settles, sticky, warm, nutty-sweet tonka bean comes out and brings down the composition down a bit. at this point, the scent becomes spicy while still having this unique dreamy blue quality. there is a bit of herbaceous quality as well.

    From start to end, Thai Blue Lotus maintains its mystical quality. it's without a doubt the best mystical, fantasy attar I've ever smelled.

    The longevity and projection of this oil are excellent, it lasts around 7 hours on the skin. it's an oil that you don't, can't analyze, you just want to feel and enjoy.

    This is without a doubt THE best mystical/fantasy attar I've smelled.
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  3. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Sheba Attar(1080).jpg
    Smelling from the bottle, Sheba radiates a luscious rose and musk scent that is under the heat of the scorching desert. civet creates this incredible warmth while enveloping roses with its furry, soft muskiness. the roses utilized in this blend has a very soft texture and sophisticated profile. this multi-faceted rose accord is the lead player of this Egyptian olfactive story.

    This rose accord demonstrates many faces of roses such as invigorating, citrusy, soft, metallic, sweet, musky facets. thanks to the help of ambergris, it feels more visceral.

    On the skin, the citrus facet of Sheba is exaggerated on my skin and breaks the balance of the composition for about an hour. after an hour it settles down and the notes become more harmonious.

    The civet spread soft worn fur and the roses cuddles. spicy, citrusy Ceylon sandalwood and creamy, buttery Mysore sandalwood slowly crawls in after about 30 minutes. the sandalwoods utilized in this blend is quite different compared to that are used by other perfumers. they smell cleaner, more pristine to my nose.

    The scent becomes musky, woody after about 5 hours from application. projection is medium to good in the opening then becomes weak after about 2 hours.

    The overall theme and feel Sheba conveys is not out of the blue so it feels familiar yet still gives a distinctive Egyptian vibe. it's a well-made attar but does not knock my socks off.
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