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Ramadan Sale

Discussion in 'Imperial Oud' started by Faizal_p, May 10, 2019.

  1. Faizal_p

    Faizal_p Resident Artisan

    Our Ramadan sale is now on, use RAMADAN20 at the checkout, min spend $200
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  2. Mazhar

    Mazhar Whats this Oud About?

    My order is on it way, I reckon I missed this discount

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  3. Mikhalil

    Mikhalil Oud Fan

    Salaam. I was poking around your site and the Nha Trang caught my eye. I’ve never smelled a Vietnamese oil before. Can anyone (IO folks or general oud lover) let me know what it’s like? Is there a region it’s similar to in any way? Looks like a lighter color, so maybe something in the Hainan vein?
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  4. EJayB

    EJayB True Ouddict

    I just received a sample on Royal Nha Trang, beautiful oil . light and lots of top note. Cinnamon and spices with maybe a touch of Mellon with s steady slide into leather but oh so subtle. Hope this helps and thanks IO for the amazing oil. As A side IO’s wild Assam wood is off the chart!
  5. Mikhalil

    Mikhalil Oud Fan

    I guess my thing is that the sweet, light ouds really aren’t my top tier preference in the first place, although they’re certainly nice as a change once every few swipes, but I already have a Trat, Hainan, and Borneo. What I’m wondering if Nha Trang is different enough to warrant a look...
  6. Paul

    Paul Just Arrived

    I have only tried Royal Nha Trang 4 times so far but I would say that my overall impression is that it is not an oud that is clearly different. Its not going to shout difference at you. Its very well balanced and nuanced. There are sweet notes but they are far from the "explosion of fruit" sort of thing. There is something slightly medicinal and bitter but again it does not shout. There is a very pleasant warm earthy smell that starts to come through and then there is a very welcome warm sensual and leathery with hints of woodiness end to it. One might say that beauty in a person is less about having striking features than about having balanced and proportionate features. If that can be said of an oil, then this is such an oil. I would not buy it as a standout oil but as an outstanding oil. I have not tried the far more expensive Nha Trang oils out there, so I can't comment on how this oil compares to them but it is a beautiful balanced oil at a price point that is still accessible.
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  7. Mikhalil

    Mikhalil Oud Fan

    Thank you for taking the time to write that up, very helpful!
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  8. Faizal_p

    Faizal_p Resident Artisan

    There are some similarities to Hainan sinensis where the hints of green mint and earth poke through but as Paul mentioned the other notes of cinnamon, watermelon, leather, milky oudiness all play a significant but dignified part in the profile.
    Hope that helps
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  9. Faizal_p

    Faizal_p Resident Artisan

    Sale ends in 2 days...
  10. Faizal_p

    Faizal_p Resident Artisan

    New sale on for this Ramadan, please use code RAMADAN20 for 20 %discount.

    We've got a couple of new oils which are real gems. The Koh Kong Imperiale is a continuation of the Kambodi Imperiale line where its very high grade oil from top grade dust and shavings collected over a couple of years and cooked in a pot left by us.
    Crassna is a top bang for buck cultivated oil from Laos. Closer in profile to Thai /cambodi offerings the longevity and progression is startling.

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