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Discussion in 'Perfume Corner' started by Benyben, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Muhammed Afthab

    Muhammed Afthab Oud Fanatic

    I have both, i have the 9.ml vials. Among my collection I see it as the luxurious ones and use for very specific occasions.

    I dont recommend as a daily scent and I use as an up lifter when for prayers or spirituality purpose. Or as a relaxant after a stressful day, take a real good shower spray it on and just close the eyes and enjoy the Aura.
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  2. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    I enjoy EO1 (EDP) - I don't wear it too often but it lasts 10 hours on me which is great and I enjoy its leathered oud scent
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  3. iori

    iori Oud Fan

    need recommendations for good ouds perfumes, plz nothing like black afgano...that thing destroyed my throat :D
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  4. Aleata

    Aleata Oud Mood

    I have two bottes of EO 1 Pure Perfume, if you are interested. We can swap, if you have something interesting (Oud oil for instance)
    Be free to ask,
  5. jalil

    jalil Oud bully

    Areej le dorée and Bortnikoff
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  6. Imran S

    Imran S Oud Fanatic

    Mukhallat shams from Ajmal is a good blend and well balanced between woody, tad bit spicy and a bit floral , it has real oud oil

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  7. Atif Ahmad

    Atif Ahmad Whats this Oud About?

    Salam alaykum and greetings to all!

    So far I've come to realize that I love dark musky fragrances with a strong rose combination. So here's a list of the fragrances I've tried (categorized by my reaction to them rather than an eloquent description - I'm a newbie):

    I love these musk + rose combinations but I think there could be better blends out there: Arabian Oud's Mukhallat Najdi and Abdul Karim al Faransi's Najd

    I generally like these: Abdul Karim al Faransi's Sheikh al Faransi, Arabian Oud's Hajr al Aswad, La Via Del Profumo's Oud Caravan No 1, Mancera's Hindu Kush

    The most intriguing and fascinating 'out of this world' smell I have ever come across: Areej Le Dore's War and Peace part II (I've also tried Siberian Summer and Baikal Gris - incredible as well but War and Peace... well its on a different level)

    The awesome musk perfume bomb that shocks my system - I literally can't detect any other smell for the next 10 minutes: Al Shareef Oudh's Kaashif

    These don't seem to make an impression on me for some reason: Bortnikoff's Amber Cologne (EdP), Musk Cologne (EdP), Musk Khabib (Extrait), Mysterious Oud (Extrait), Oud Sinharaja (Extrait)

    So here's what's in my shopping cart right now:
    Areej Le Dore's Siberian Musk II, Malik al Taif, Oud Luwak, Flux de Fleur, Oud Picante
    Roja Dove's Diaghilev, Aoud Parfum, Musk Aoud, Ambre Aoud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar

    I've decided I want to try pretty much anything by Areej Le Dore simply for the experience. So my question is:
    1) Which Roja Dove fragrances should I try given my love for musk and rose combinations?
    2) Do you have any recommendations for musk and rose mukhallat combinations outside of Arabian Oud and Abdul Karim al Faransi? I find the pure stuff too strong for my nose at the moment.

    Jazak Allah khair and thank you!
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  8. Santal Claus

    Santal Claus True Ouddict

    Is any of the ASAQ stuff out now as good as the old days? I really enjoyed their blends in the past. Oud mixed with molecules produced in a lab is not anathema as far as I am concerned, but it has to be done right. As for "perfume," right now I'm going with a barbershop scent: Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood aftershave (has no sandalwood smell to my nose at all) with 3 drops of Vanuatu sandalwood oil mixed in.
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