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Pêche 2016

Discussion in 'Rising Phoenix' started by RisingPhoenix, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. RisingPhoenix

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    Peche - Oud Oil

    Class : Biodynamic, 20-40 year old Drilled trees (no chemicals)

    Jungle : Trat

    Species : Crassna

    Distilled : 2016

    I work with a few select Biodynamic plantations in Thailand that I buy wood from to distill. The trees range from 20-40 years old, are only drilled (never chemical inoculated), and come from Biodynamic / mixed use farms. The wood we used from this particular plantation has more than a dozen different fruiting trees and vegetables that are grown on the property, and no chemicals are used on the premises. Just some old / traditional farming techniques.

    I take the wood we get and copper distill them. We change around some distillation parameters and the results are always unique, and I hand select out the truly spectacular distillations to sell as single Oud oils.

    Peche is one spectacular Biodynamic oil...


    A lot of Thai and Cambodi oils yield dark Plum and Tamarind notes. It came as a surprise when I smelled this beautiful red oil and smelled...Peaches? Ripe, red peaches like I used to devour when I lived in southern France.

    Less juicy / fruity and more...caramelized and gourmand. Not sweet like candy, rather more savory like rich cobbler from down here in the Southern States of the US - the kind you make in cast iron over a campfire.

    Peche reminds me a bit of Savory flambéed peaches with a splash of tart apple brandy, that hint of liquor lingering in the back of your nose.

    It's got great "Oud legs"...it's very Oudy. Maybe just a hint of funk - but so nicely done that even my funk haters have loved this. That hint of barn pairs so wonderfully with the savory flambéed peach that you sense it more like an Umami note, rather than any kind of funkiness.

    It's a rich oil, easy on the wallet, with a very long dry down and nice silage. I've been wearing it on the inside of the collars of my shirts and it'll sometimes catch me off guard, as if if just walked by a room emanating that rich scent of Oud on an electric.

    It's been a big hit selling it privately - I figured I'd open some up for sale in the shop.

    Peche is thick, rich, and sticky. Beautifully aged over the past 2 years, and bound to continue it's deepening evolution over time. Perfect for stocking up and shelving for when you need that Oomph in the future!


    "Whoa. JK seriously, whoa! This isn't a standard plum Oud...this is something else!

    ~Rebecca, USA

    "Brandy Flambéed peaches just about nails this"

    ~Markus, USA

    "Always unique jewels from you JK - even from areas that people would say are "common". There is nothing common about Peche. I'm buying a second bottle!"

    ~Muhammed, UAE

    "The scent lingers for days on my lapel. You were right about wearing it on my collar, Peche continues to morph over the days and just when I think it's given it's last breath, it puffs another breath of life and keeps going strong."

    ~Fred, France

    "I've smelled tons of plum and tamarind in oils from Thailand and Cambodia, but never quite this red peach note. Unique, to say the least!"

    ~Caitlin, USA

    "If you like Cambodi Ouds...Peche will hit that spot like no other"

    ~Steve, USA
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