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Oudfest / London Pictures

Discussion in 'OudFest 2019' started by Sproaty, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    A lot of pictures, here!

    Two days before the fayre, me & JK outside St Paul's Cathedral


    Typical London Underground scene

    Pre-event dinner, rubbish photo - @Faizal_p , Rahul (unsure if he's a member here) and @Nadeem pictured, headless


    The set up begins! pictured: @Faizal_p, @Faheem, @F4R1d0uX and @RisingPhoenix


    The entrance!


    Hung a banner from the window, bit obscured by the graffiti though (the entire area of Shoreditch is graffiti'd, but not in a vandalised type of way). It's pretty cool!
    pictured: @RisingPhoenix @Faheem @hasans1412 @Nadeem and @Faizal_p


    ....And the event is underway! 3 pictures showing it from different perspectives, it started off quite busy! Too many people to tag :(

    20190302_123342.jpg 20190302_123345.jpg 20190302_124552.jpg

    Some wood from Al Hashimi, beads that @F4R1d0uX has, big bag of wood from Imperial Oud

    20190302_153815.jpg 20190302_153045.jpg 20190302_165954.jpg 20190302_174644.jpg

    Imperial Oud and Rising Phoenix' set up

    20190302_174653.jpg 20190302_174704.jpg

    Out for a meal to a Brazilian place that @Nadeem loves (but don't tell his wife!)


    Day 2 - @Nadeem and Hahsimi's set up being photographed, Rahul brought a cameraman along


    @Nadeem decanting some thick-ass oil. It was interesting to watch :)


    Chatting away. Please note that @RisingPhoenix is not sitting on this bottle

    20190303_120044.jpg 20190303_120053.jpg



    Al Hashimi table after Nadeem organised it a bit


    Sultan Pasha popped by! Shiny Sproaty head


    yes that is a parrot in the middle of London


    At Bloom Perfumery in Mayfair where @RisingPhoenix filmed a few videos with the owner. Tried this Secretions Magnifique (look it up!) scent which is apparently revolting but I really liked it! Had awesome food in Chinatown

    20190305_140005.jpg 20190305_121842.jpg 20190305_124612.jpg 20190305_145235.jpg

    oh look! There's people up there!


    ....311 steps later...


    and a walk back down!


    Met up with Sultan Pasha and Nadeem again


    also with 3 friends of mine (non ouddicts) and went out for food. Post-food, Sultan was swiping everyone with everything under the sun

    20190306_214654.jpg 20190306_214649.jpg 20190306_214641.jpg 20190306_214631.jpg 20190306_214610.jpg 20190306_232156.jpg

    Later in the week, JK and I met up with @Shabby and spent the day at his work in a frankincense shop and then wandering London. JK's acupuncture and Chinese Medicine training was being utilised to crack my back and neck all week, and Shabby and his work colleague received the same treatment!

    20190307_121521.jpg 20190307_133101.jpg 20190307_224129.jpg

    All in all, a great week was had :D
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  2. Faizal_p

    Faizal_p Resident Artisan

    Thanks @Sproaty these look great. The best bit about these get togethers is to be able to talk with someone in detail about Oud. people not looking for something sweet and generic, who appreciate the effort and take the time to understand just what it takes to get these oils produced. Be good to see you in NY
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  3. Chip Burns

    Chip Burns Oud Fanatic

    @Sproaty wish I could have made it.... thanx so much for sharing the memories.
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  4. naturalpuerh

    naturalpuerh Oud Fan

    @Sproaty Pretty cool, I wish i was there with all of you guys!
  5. F4R1d0uX

    F4R1d0uX Resident Artisan


    Just reminding some good moments ...
    From left to right : @Faheem me and @Mario P. :Inlove:
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