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Oud Wood

Discussion in 'Oud Wood' started by AbasFrag, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    thank you Edward an Rai
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  2. powdernose

    powdernose Oud Sprite

  3. Tarik

    Tarik Junior Member

    thank you again
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  4. Abdullah

    Abdullah Junior Member

    Some mouthwatering pictures of our super rare wild tarakan wood. OLD OLD OLD!

    RSCN0752.JPG RSCN0753.JPG RSCN0750.JPG RSCN0751.JPG RSCN0754.JPG RSCN0749.JPG DSCN0731__01.jpg DSCN0732__01.jpg
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  5. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

  6. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time!

    The wood of Kevin is very young? Hmm, maybe there's a better way to say that. That sentence could earn you a quick trip to prison :)
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  7. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I seeeeeee.......
  8. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I know where to get Royal Maluku chips 10 grams for $699.......

    It’s a luxury price that I can’t afford:(

    But at least it’s there for those who dare.
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  9. Hakim

    Hakim Oud Fanatic

    Alhamdulillah for those oud sellers who are willing to sell oud chips at wholesale prices for retail amounts :Laugh: - just got this Tawi Tawi oud chip today with some wild Kalimantan chips and Pailin oud dust.

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  10. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Beautiful piece of wild thai oud. The smell at room temp is absolutely amazing... but something about this piece didn't feel good. The weight just felt wrong so I took the risk to open it up. Don't want to risk selling bunk wood to a costumer.

    And so glad that I did listen to my oud heart :Roflmao:

    Still not finished but here is some pics to show the process.
    IMG-20200323-WA0009.jpeg IMG-20200323-WA0018.jpeg IMG-20200323-WA0022.jpeg
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  11. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time!

    Wow! Interesting. You think it's painted or something?
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  12. AbasFrag

    AbasFrag Oud Burner

    Absolutely not painted, it is just that the inside wasn't resinated enough. This is very normal but it needs to be cleaned before selling. The costumer is paying for oud, resin, not wood :)

    But the smell of the bunk wood smells so nice. The color also tells that it is full of oil.. but for burning alone it is no good.

    I just burned a little of the bunk wood and it smells super oudy. This would easily work in an incense blend / bakhour
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