Oud Qazah (rainbow) - Cambodia

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    Oud Qazah (rainbow) is a wild oud oil from the Koh Kong region of Cambodia. It is the sister distillation of the much loved Oud Harba (chameleon). This oil was distilled in 2019 and already smells amazing!

    This is the go to daily Oud and smells way better than any Thai oil in your collection. You are getting an oil that smells double its price tag and will leave you wanting more and more.

    The oil represents a vast array of colours in its aroma hence the name Qazah (rainbow). Off the dipstick guessing the region is quite mind boggling due to its complexity. This is a oil that needs time to pick apart its profile. Its sweet yet sour while being smokey earthy and woody....and alot more.

    Oud Qazah (rainbow) opens with a teasing bright incense note with the perfect balance of sweetness and gentle smoke. Theres notes of sweet dry earth, wild flowers, antique woods and a lovely green vibe in the background. That deep sweet woodsy Cambodian drydown.

    Theres so much going on here it will be interesting to see what Ouddicts pick up from this oil. One which is easy to wear to work, around family, outings and also easy to swipe all those around you.

    This is a special release before it is put on the website 200$ shipped for 2.7g or 80$ a gram.

    This is a oil you must have in your collection, and at this price a total no brainer drop a PM for your bottle today.


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