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Today I grabbed RPP's 2019 Miri. It's been a while since the last time I've used it.

It's so different from typical scents that I associate when thinking about oud.

I get an icy cold incense 🥶 and heady tobacco. It's the most meditative, grounding oud oil in my whole oud experiences. 😌


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Tonight I chose Jinkoh Store's Royal Mamberamo as my bedtime scent, so I'm getting constant whiffs of this gorgeous pure filaria oil as I'm typing this review. It opens with rainforesty and green tropical fruity notes (my nose picks up green banana peel, guava and mango skin) complemented with salty oceanic vibes, I also smell a delicate rose note, then it transitions to vanillic and slightly diesely territory. If I close my eyes it teleports me to a motorboat trip where the coastal mangrove forests of the Mamberamo delta meet the Pacific Ocean. A perfect summertime oud and another underrated gem from Marius!
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Wearing EO Guallam Liquide tonight. This is one of the strangest oils I’ve ever encountered. I can’t recall ever smelling any wood which has this profile. It’s a unique creation. Has a sharp high pitched general medicinal “fruit” note I’ve never smelled in any other oil. Almost seems like it has blueberry or sour diesel terps... or something like that. Reminds me of some vape juice I’ve smelled somewhere. Odd, but very enjoyable.


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Hello Ouddicts
Today is special …
Jinkoh Store Emperor of China 🤯😵
Jinkoh Store Royal Mamberamo
No words to describe the Hainan oil …
It’s from an other galaxy…
The best honey spring flower included honey lavender, with clean and sweet apple skin on garden of lotus …
I thought it was an attar at the first sniff !
This oil is one of the best thing I have ever smelled with Royal Myanma about the opening … the pristine scent is unbelievable!
I will describe better later when my brain will com back ^^
The filaria oil is also very clean beautiful, I thought it was an attar again ^^ but my mind is focus in the Hainan oil …
Thank you dear Mario To gave me the opportunity to experienced your marvelous products
Good evening :)

Mario P.

Jinkoh Store
Thank you too brother for nice review ,it was happen same for me when i try FHI in 2018 as exemple ...i was shoked ...emperor of china is 80% high grade hainan and 20% sinking hong kong wood
Result indeed is amazing but i cant say this myself 😁
Thanks and enjoy them

Dr B1414

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EO White Kinam
EO Malinau 3000
The Oud Lab Borneo Kin
EO Guallam Kilam

Comparing these Borneo oils for the day and also put a bit of Guallam Kilam just to confirm something regarding Oriscent oils, in this case with White Kinam.

First off, I think Borneo Kin is a banger for the price. To me, it is pretty much in the same vein as Malinau 3000. It beautifully captures the aroma of the wood, showcasing vanilla, almond/nutty, earthy-green, slight berries. Very delectable and clean. Honestly, I would buy Borneo Kin over Malinau 3000 as they feel very similar to me.

White Kinam is a different beast. It smells more of fuming wood than actual wood. Right off the bat is very vaporous, like smelling smoke. But very beautiful smoke, dense yet light. I found the same Vaporous effect in Guallam Kilam, so I put a bit next to White Kinam, and yes, it is the same smoky quality. Doesn't even feel like smoke, more like steam, vapors. I remember reading somewhere that all these Oriscent oils have this quality. I can definitely perceive it with White Kinam and Guallam Kilam. Vapors, very dense steam, vanillic but more like white vanillic rather than brown-yellow, you also get some citrus notes showing now and then, feels very ancient, old wood like smell. No earthiness or green facets like I find in the other two Borneos. Definitely prefer it over the other two. Borneo Kin and Malinau are great, but this one is special for sure. Might save up for a bottle lol. I actually think the current sale price for 2 grams is not bad at all. I doubt there is any other Borneo oil that smells like this currently on the market, or that will ever be.

Update: I prefer Malinau 3000 over Kin as the hours pass by. They are very similar at the beginning but Malinau is more complex. Goes from earthy to creamy vanilla, with some blueberries. Kin stays more linear with more present earthy-green facets. My pick would be WK>M3000>Kin.
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Habzoud Altawas on the left
House of Misk Malay Encens on the right.

I love the opening of Altawas, I wish it didn’t progress any further, and the strength diminishes, but just for the opening I need to get more. Another thing, I think the profile represents the wood very well, even if I didn’t try the actual wood, I’ll bet it was good.

Malay Encens rocks like the EO Tigerwoods,
if you don’t mind the funk, this oud packs a punch.

Rai Munir

Musk Man
Burmese Oud (Custom Distillation) by Mr Umair- Tabeer Oud:
A custom distilled Oud oil. And today I wore the first fraction that I requested the distiller to decant one gram in a separate vial. It is a powerhouse indeed. Absolutely oudy and free from any off notes and is true to the discussion took place a couple of years before 'CAPTURING THE AROMA OF OUDWOOD'.

It is Oud, Oud everywhere!


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Hello dear Members :)
Yesterday was Royal Mamberamo from Jinkoh, very nice oil where I feel lots of things inside … like perfume ! it’s a beautiful dance between Rose and Oud, sharp peel of red fruits ! This oil is dry … powdery and long lasting ! It is not my favorite profile of oud but definitely nice and interesting 👌

Thank you dear Marius to included this sample in my order with Jinkoh lokma that I found in first pretty close to the beautiful Aljanah 2 in the opening but then moved to a light leather mixed with fruit juice like dragon fruit, green melon… it’s definitely sweet without the bitter scent … candy sweet like loukoum ^^
I loved it !

Today is Kinabang (this oil changing every times) I love it even more ! I can feel lao 4K citrusy vibe, with clean leather during the dry down with a Bittersweetness à la Siam sk and Lao 4k! Buttery Apple pie

afternoon I swiped VSK… total love ! Leather, nuts, cream, and salty butter !
I also swiped Mulia … it remind me sometimes al Maliki from Habz sometimes Sik from AA or Malaya V2… need more time to understand this oil maybe fresh :)

I wish you a gooud evening ^^ :)