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Oud Distillation

Discussion in 'Art and Science of Oud' started by Al Shareef Oudh, Aug 1, 2016.

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    I think it goes with cost+charges/yield+ability to sell ...

    Gyrinops 0 was made from incense grade, I get the double the yield someone could expect it was a big batch compared on my average ones : the price is very cheap for what it is (and people liked it).

    Guldasta was made from lower incense grade than the Gyrinops 0 from rare wild Upper Assam wood (I paid the wood far far more expensive than what I paid for the Gyrinops 0) yield was good price was the double of the Gyrinops 0 and people liked it ...

    Did that helped ?

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    1) That was good info sir, so would the same concept be applied for oils from wood shavings as well ? and
    2)When we hear wood shavings or wood dust , is that obtained from grinding the wood before distillation or its what falls from the tree while collecting the wood .
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    Shavings are left overs from cleaning wood chips/chunks : removing the whiter parts from it.

    So what kind of shavings are you getting ? From what grade of wood ?

    I already saw kilos of sinking wastes wood these are not obligatory white wood and it doesn't sell at the same price at all.

    Also dust is the size of the wood which goes into the pot for distilation and isn't about the wood quality.

    I don't think it's the right topic to talk about it either create a topic and ask a mod to put these last posts into it or if you already bought oud you can also speak about it with the seller, we provide this service to our customers :).
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    Ouds student Oud Fan

    Greatfull for the knowledge you shared sir, will ask a mod to see if this convo can be transferred under a new thread. :)
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    You're the most welcome, feel free to DM.
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