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Discussion in 'Other Things We're Into' started by littlecrowgirl, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Arsalan

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    Toyota bought a stake in Subaru and they got together to do this car. Same factory. Toyota fuel injection tech and Subaru style boxer engine. Naturally aspirated 2.0 l...nearly 50/50 weight distribution. Not that fast off the line, but awesome around bends.They kept it very simple...and light..no unnecessary buttons and electrics.

    Also in over 20 yrs of driving this is my first auto transmission...but they’ve done a great job, enjoying it so far...
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  2. soulfoud

    soulfoud Whats this Oud About?

    Yikes. Fortunately, my E39 is very analog and very amenable to DIY maintenance. There's a great community of sharp people always willing to lend their expertise too. Best car I've ever owned hands down.
  3. Sproaty

    Sproaty Sproudy Staff Member

    eek...hopefully finished now.

    Since Sunday, I have washed my car 4 times! I keep doing stuff in the evening and running out of time and having to carry on the next day - but that means having to start with a washed car :(

    The past few days I've properly wash and decominated it, "clay bar"'d the whole car (picks up contaminents and crap off the surface that you can't even see) and then to apply a polishing cleanser following by a wax/sealant balm.

    I think yesterday I was at it for 4-5 hours in total!!

    This was yesterday prior to applying any product:


    And this morning after 2 coats of the wax stuff:


    The colour looks much deeper and richer and also many little "swirls" in the paint have been filled in. Am pretty happy, car is super reflective


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