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    As Salam Alykum.

    Similar to the Eid release pack here is an Organic Oudh Incense Pack -Featuring 2 Organic woods.

    Super Assam Organic - 5 grams

    Assam is renowned worldwide for its oudh, its the first region that springs to mind when thinking of hindi oudh. What you see here, is a super grade batch from organically harvested trees. Containing a sweet and fruity smooth scent profile. I'm sure it will go down well amongst those that have a passion for Assam wood.

    Super Organic Vietnam - 5 grams

    Wild Vietnamese oudh is rare these days. While this batch may not be truly wild, it is the closest we can offer to wild. Here you'll find organically harvested Vietnamese oudh, with a nice degree of resination and plenty of small holes over much of the batch, upon heating it releases a pleasant sweet aroma along with some earthy notes.

    10 grams of wood for just $45!

    Also if you double the amount of each wood to 10 grams >> recieve $10 off.

    Making 20 grams just $80!

    $13 International shipping

    assam named.jpg viet super.jpg

    Vietnamese Super​
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    Just 2 of the 5 Gram Packs left!

    1 x 10 gram pack left.

    Recieve further $5 off when buying the 10 gram pack.

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