My First Oud Experience

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    My First OUD Experience

    To be honest, for the last two weeks knowing that my first oud oil is probably coming to me, I’ve been reading like crazy about it, here on Ouddict and BN. I’ve watched everything that is there to be watched about it on YT. I can say I learned a lot. I had quite a good idea about many of its aspects but the most important one, the scent. All those descriptions only made me more confused.
    I think one can’t fully describe “the heart of oud”. You need to try it to know, there is no other way!

    Now I get it. :) You are not addicts, you are collectors! Well, maybe you are addicts too. :Thumbsup:

    I am amazed with the depth(!) those scents have, and the complexity they can deliver, yet this whole mystical mixture blends together so perfectly into one unified very unique aroma.

    I’m actually thinking that when I save some money I will choose one in some distant future to blend it in my own perfect perfume. Not sure yet which one. I can definitely imagine oud being part of it. It creates something that is not like a regular scent, it’s more like an aura of a scent, clinging to the surface, creating second skin, like a wind... Is it noticeable? Yes, very. But it’s not producing the same sensation as regular perfumes and so on.

    Thanks to the generosity of Habzoud I could try 4 oud oils.

    Now, I will put in words bellow descriptions of my experience. Most of it I wrote “as I go”. Sniffing and adding new lines.

    Disclaimer: I’m a newbie to oud, European, and my personal feelings are based right now on only just one tinny swiper dot. I can’t be sure of the strength of each oud, more tests need to be done to tell. The amount I applied was not measurable. Another factor that might have an impact on the judgment is the surface of application, skin, paper...
    Also, I don’t really think any descriptions can be accurate, those scents are quite different from everything I ever smelled before in my life.

    (Note: I made the 4 pics below as a bit of visualization in color of how I feel about each scent profile.)

    Beautiful scent, not sure if I would say it’s masculine, I can imagine men wearing it, but in my personal feeling I would prescribe it to a female. Dear lord, it’s beautiful. I just took 3rd sniff. Smokey, honey like sweet, but not oversweet at all. I imagined something way more sweeter after seeing the pic and reading descriptions on Habzoud website. I think it’s floral, tuberose like.
    I’m starting to doubt myself if it’s deep air sniffs or this scent making me feel relaxed?
    Waxy, lilies, tuberose, a hint of honey and some smooth velvety wood smoke (a bit like the one they use in catholic churches, I got no idea what’s their mix.) But yes, the most prominent note for me are tuberose and lilies. I don’t smell any wood or “barn”.

    There is something more to the scent, that is hard to describe, something calming.
    Ok, and now I read again the habz description of it, somewhat they seem accurate, when I think about it now, taking another sniffs. Well, one can probably smell a lot of nice things inside of this.
    We all seek comparisons based on what we have already experienced in our lives.

    Ps, I could already smell a bit of them before opening vial, but the scent was very subtle, I was almost worrying about being disappointed about the strength of it. Till I opened it, and then it blasted on me with the scent, so strong!

    A quote excerpt from a convo with my friend:


    Cedar wood coals? Ashes? Smoke? Yes, Yes, Yes. + This warm little sweet oudisness. Definitely smell for a hot witch, or a witcher. ;) Or maybe the devil himself? :Devilish: I’m not sure if this would do as full body perfume scent for a common person. While one can appreciate it, it seems a bit rough and untamed to me... I mean hmm.... It could be nice addition to some “dark kind of” perfume mixture, if one would mix it a bit of it with violet flower scent and something strongly green. I find it pleasant too, but I liked Alsukar more. Well, well, we all have our personal likings.:rolleyes: Don’t get me wrong, this might be still very pleasant scent for someone, especially if one burns wood chips to perfume himself with a smoke this way. I’m European, not used to such ways.

    By the way, this one seems to last much longer on my skin.

    Oh and some note. This is really potent! All I used was like one tiny dot of the vial swiper diameter. I can imagine that one drop can have dozens of such dots, maybe even 100. I imagine that if I put a whole drop of this on myself I would make not only myself smell with it but the whole room as well... woohoo. Well, but you know it. I’m just telling this as legacy for newbies who might come here one day.

    3rd one - unlabelled .


    Mystery One. No label, X, might be not even from Habz range.
    Vendor and the product unknown.

    Opening... pooooo! Strong fecal notes, sweat started to pour off my forehead. I was
    thinking about going to the bathroom and washing my arm immediately. (If it’s something I don’t like, then it’s not a waste, and I still have plenty of it for the future tests) But for the sake of knowledge I let it be for a few moments more. Second sniff was a bit better though, still strongly animalic, something indeed like a barn and sheep skins. Another sniff.... it reminded me of some sweet cherry tree resins I used to eat sometimes as kid, hmm... I mean this texture....well, I sniffed a bit more for a few minutes, it mostly smelled to me with a sheepskin like scent and sweat. hmmm.... I did not kept it for much longer, cause I was about to go to sleep. This scent is of course more complex than that, but those are main notes I noted within first 20 min. The most pleasant notes there are cured and processed leather, and resinousness that are buried somewhere deeper there. But they are dominated by other, less pleasant ones to me.
    PS Quite clever move of not labeling it. ;P

    Edit: After strong washing of my arm I can still smell it a lot, but now it’s not as bad, it reminds of sheepskin after washing, with some amber stone tincture or maybe someone’s hair + herbal shampoo.

    Edit2: Still smelling it 2 hours later, unbelievable, it was just a tinny dot, just a touch with like micro layer residue, nothing to rub around really and I can still smell it strongly from my arm, after triple washing... This is so concentrated. 3ml bottle of this would last a millennium I guess.

    This one is not for me, but thank you Habz for it as well. Each scent is adding to my internal scale and palette allowing me for the better perception of everything.

    Edit3: 3 hours later, I opened the window, cold air came through. (It had to be like below 15C outside while 27 inside of my room) Things have changed again! When sniffing it from a distance I’m smelling now a few day old hay, and it’s not as animalic as before any more. It’s way more pleasant. Like some countryside indeed. Somewhat comforting scent when mixed with this cooling breeze. Like something warm inside of cooling wind. Do my explanations make any sense? XD

    I would still not choose this one as a perfume for myself but it was strangely relaxing...
    And I’m really shocked about the strength of this one.
    Damn, very interesting. And I fallen asleep. :Sleep:

    I’m not giving up on it yet. No, I will try it again when the weather here changes and the colder days will come.



    Opening: Mentholic, green, just like it’s name and the color. It’s more delicate scent, far from overwhelming.

    A few minutes later it gets significantly stronger, more sweet... and maybe a bit woody in a cedar way. After a few moments more refreshing, zesty and again a bit more sweeter, but all in gentle way.

    Edit: After 1 hour it started to smell with a hint of florals, still sweet and still quite mellow compared to the other three samples. And hmm, like a subtle perfume I guess.

    I put a small dot of Zamarad on a piece of paper, the scent was more clean and pristine from paper, more chilled too.

    To sum it up...

    I liked all of them, but my personal winner is Alsukar. Truly magnificent scent.
    The unknown animalic one had terrifying opening, ended up with something comforting and relaxing.

    Thank you Habzoud for giving me the opportunity to smell this precious beautiful gift of nature! I’m very happy with this experience! :)

    Edit of Edit: I think oud is best perceived by me while smelled from a distance, not close to the skin or to an opened bottle, but at least 50 cm away. Also temperature makes a difference.

    And now the all 4 vials are in a cabinet with my clothes.
    So, now when I open my clothing cabinet I can still smell those four ouds, even though the vials are closed. Their scent mixes together in a most amazing way, and it’s marvelous, intoxicating, narcotic, indeed addictive. I think someone with a good sense of smell would be amazed too while opening my cabinet, smelling this enigmatic scent. And he or she not knowing what oud is would go crazy wondering what it is. Because I’ll bet that no one here has ever smelled something like this. It’s like a blooming meadow in some different world. :eek:


    By the way. As you can see on the picture above there is quite a lot of oil stuck on vial heads. Does anyone know hot to make it drip down? I was thinking that perhaps some gentle warming in hot water bath could do the trick and make the oil inside thinner so it goes down. Any ideas if this would help and not hurt the precious oud?

    Note: I almost forgot, thank you for velvety pouch Habz. I will surely find some good use for it! :Thumbsup:

    That’s all for now. It was two days of testing. I will keep you informed about my oud adventure.:Thumbsup:
    Stay tuned for more info. I surelly need to experiment with it, especially with diluting it in ethanol and spraying.
    I was also promised some samples by Nadeem. :Thumbsup:

    Excuse me misspells, typos, it's been long text...
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    NoW you are officially an Ouddict!
    Careful, can be a slippery slope... :Roflmao:
    Great write up! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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  3. Oudamberlove

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    @Woodland Note
    Thanks for sharing, although it seems you were already ouddicted before you even took your first swipe:Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
    Keep the barny one for future reference, you might come around one day to love it:Poop:
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    Firstly its a great honour that the first Oud you have smelt was from me, your the second person now! Im pretty confident that these oils will set a benchmark for your journey. I really enjoyed reading this writeup it made me smile especially this part "
    Opening... pooooo! Strong fecal notes, sweat started to pour off my forehead. I was thinking about going to the bathroom and washing my arm immediately" :Roflmao: in time you will crave barn or detest it more.... the journey always ends with Hindis....well atleast it did with me. You have picked up notes which i will add into my descriptions as my notes on the oils arent great in all honesty. The images created are also great and i will use these on my instagram page with your permission :handok:

    PS the unmarked oil was Mukhmil i would say the barn is moderate and smooth @Oudamberlove is a barn expert and will give his verdict in time...
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    I guess I am, thank you. :)
    You mean a slippery slope for the wallet? ;)

    I will, thank you! :Thumbsup:

    Once again thank you Habz! :)
    Sure, you can use freely anything you like from my post above.
    The honor and pleasure is all mine! :Thumbsup:
    I have no idea if I will like the barn note or not, only time can tell. But I will surely treasure this sample too, it’s not going anywhere. :Thumbsup: When I’m sniffing the closed vial of the barn one it smells nice. I don’t smell the "bad" part. I think my perception of it might depend on its intensity. When it’s just a little then it smells very pleasant, if its full strength it’s overwhelming for me. But yes, I will need to experiment more with it and who knows. :Thumbsup:
    I would also assign a black tea note to Mukhmil. But all I wrote about the notes is just my silly mind seeking for the similar and the words to describe it... nothing more.
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    Fantastic write up!! Better than I could do :D
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    Setting the bar high right from the get go brother @Habz786! These guys are going to be tough to please!

    I thought the same thing! My descriptors are more like: nice, good, excellent, wow, and so on... :Roflmao::Roflmao::Roflmao:
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    The unmarked oil was Mukhmil:eek:
    I think I’m loving it already, and with all due respect Woodland Note....I won’t be running to the bathroom to wash it off:p
    Btw, Mukhmil will be on it’s way to me next week. So kind of a Fragrant Mod to help me get it, as I won’t be using my own PayPal anytime soon. (It’s a long story)
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    Lol at the description of mukhmil. I read on another thread regarding resetting your olfactory sense, wish I could do that and revisit Oud. For a drop to create such a reaction I'm almost jealous!
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    Loved reading your experience. Especially with the mystery oud. I kept laughing thinking that must be Mukhmil. Agreed that it is very pleasant when you barely touch the vial. Did not expect what came when I swiped it on though. It is a force to be reckoned with. All in all after a few swipes I already loved it and it became a favorite along with Alamin. I bet Geralt would enjoy Mukhmil too ;) (witcher reference).
    It is also really really wonderful in blends, I have one such blend with Mukhmil in it and it adds so much character.
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    Thanks for sharing your first experience...very interesting :thumbsup:
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  12. Ouddict

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  13. Ashfaque

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    An enjoyable and informative read. I also liked your images. Thanks a lot @Woodland Note :thumbsup:

    Re Alsukar: Since you mentioned tuberose, I'm now quite tempted to sample this (along with Dukhan and Shams).

    I really liked Ard. My first experience with A. filaria oil. The list keeps getting bigger. lol

    Re Indian Oil: They are excellent in colder weather, especially when it is windy. It definitely keep you warm. Even though I'm from the subcontinent, I cannot wear oils from Assam belt in this warm weather. To tone it down (or to simply enjoy them more frequently), I mix rose otto, sandalwood, and Assam belt oils in equal proportion. :)
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    Thank you for kind words. :) I was a bit shy and afraid to post it here. It’s just the very first and very subjective feelings of an inexperienced nose based on a very short exeprience. Lot’s of might change in my perception of these oils with time.

    I think I might learn to like indian ouds too, but I’m a tad worried what other people might think when smelling them around me. o_O

    Hehe... yesterday night when the cold air came through the window I was revisiting my cabinet a few times, so beautiful when all 4 scents mix together and can be smelled in a subtle way. Definitely sweet, intoxicating aroma... and warm. It’s almost like the scent has it’s own temperature. I like them all much better when air around me is colder.

    Well, when we smell menthol, or for example eat a candy with xylitol sweetener they are giving us cooling sensations, I don’t see why some scent would not do the opposite, giving us warm sensation.

    Guys.... You are going to spoil me! :)
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  15. Ouddict

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    Welcome to Ouddict :D
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  16. Ivor wolfe

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    My first pint ofGuinness in 1970....absolutely disgusting.Thousands of pints later,I must have liked it.Anyway had my first bang of Ensar Oud yesterday....absolutely disgusting.You get my drift!Same scenario,different creatures.Being a Scottish Jew,I’m not going to let this beat paid what!This Oud thing is a million miles away from my favourite...Beckham for men.Only joking.You have to build up to this or you would succumb to olfactory overload.Still got a few more to experience.Will keep you posted,with encouragement..and I even get a badge!
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    A short post before I will post here much much more (maybe in a week). I felt like I need to close some chapter here.

    Right now all the scent jewels from HabzOud have been placed in a tin can (clean and unused, no other smells can be perceived, similar to some that people use for coffee or tea storage). I used aluminum because it’s quite good for scents insulation while not having much of it’s own. Scent molecules can’t penetrate it. I made a vial holder from a dense foam I got with some electronic equipment packaging. I cut it to fit into can and I made small holes, a bit smaller than the vial diameter. This probably is not an ideal and most esthetically pleasing solution but it works for the moment, holding the vials in a standing position.


    (By the way, how do you guys store your vials?)

    So now , every time I open it I'm experiencing a burst of sweetness, oudiness, a bit of smokiness, and a hint of florals. But I’m starting to doubt myself what I really smell, the more I think about it. All I know is that it’s deep, sweet scent.... A bit like some exotic mix of smoky honey... but much more gentle and complex than honey... lighter.... not musty.... gentle like nectar, but still intense/powerful. Hmm... Almost feeling it on my palate... but it’s subtle feeling... as down feather barely touching skin.
    And there is some tiny more chilly, zesty note to it... probably Zamarad doing.

    Sometimes I will leave this can open for a day to make scents penetrate my clothing cabinet.

    (I’ve been already wearing a pajama and some shirt that had "a touch" oudiness captured in it. And it’s quite magical to sniff it... : ) )

    Two things for sure. 1 I like oud scent the most when it’s just a little. 2 I like it most when the air in the room is colder and more dry. Humidity below 55% and temperature below 26C. Fot the last 3 months sadly temperatures here in my room were 27-31C during daylight hours. (hot summer...) But that’s how it is with many beautiful scents for me, not only oud.

    As a side note, how it happens that oud scent is getting out of the vials? I’ve been very careful to not spill anything. Is it because on some microscopic level it’s not all fully tight sealed? There are some micro splashes? Or perhaps the volatile molecules of oud are penetrating the caps plastic material?

    Hmm... Hmm...

    As for the swiping I have to confess with a bit of shame that I tried only Al Sukar again and only once. Maybe because I did not want to waste it, maybe because I wasn’t in the right mood for more, there was no special occasion to wear a perfume, and maybe because I really prefer it in more gentle way. When oud oil is applied to my skin directly in its raw form, concentrated in a very small area it’s tad too much and I can’t enjoy it the same way when it’s just “a little” in the air. And maybe also because as I said above, the temperatures here were very high, and humidity was high too, so I couldn't fully enjoy the olfactory adventures in my room like this.

    But soon it should chill out, and I planning to do some dilution experiments as well. So, stay tuned, to be continued for sure. :Thumbsup:

    There has been quite a bit of the discussion about oud as hype.
    I think it depends on the one's approach and expectations. If one is not much into natural scents, a newbie to perfume industry, and excepting some miracles, orgasmic moments, psychedelic trips and so on, then it might end up with disappointment. But if one is into natural fragrances, can joy scent of flowers, woods, aromatic herbs and other and he or she is passionate about it, then oud will surely deliver something new, very beautiful, and pleasantly surprising to him o her. Possibly beyond expectations. :Thumbsup:
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  18. F4R1d0uX

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    Wow I'm speechless :eek: !
    Fantastic post :clapping:
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  19. Grega

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    I loved reading your post, like always. Appreciate your honesty and the way you share.

    To answer your question, I have a wooden box which holds my vials and my bottles. I store this box in my nothing fancy. I also completely agree that lower temperatures make for a better olfactory experience, especially when swiping on hands. If it is really hot I just don't bother as I know I won't enjoy it as much as in cooler weather.
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  20. Woodland Note

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    Dear Grega,
    I do enjoy your posts too. :Thumbsup: And I think we have something in common, we both appreciate nature, green tea, good music, and beautiful fragrances. :Thumbsup:
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