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Discussion in 'Musk' started by Asim Aziz, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Sofmusc

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    where can we have this santalum album ?
    thank you
  2. Mr.P

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    It’s funny because I find musk shines when layered with the right oud. The bright notes that are muffled by sandalwood are boosted by this one Kalimantan oud I have. Kind of unpredictable!
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  3. Philip

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    Me neither.
    The one and only exception is @RisingPhoenix Mongolian Fried (private, not listed), which is of exceptional quality.

    The myriad sources I have consulted have unanimously cautioned against this, as these oils invariably start breaking down from the moment they are pressed and eventually go rancid. They are not suited for long term macerating and storing. It's not what I want to hear at all because I still want to macerate my musk in a neutral oil. If anyone has any first hand experience specifically with this, please do chime in.
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    Musk role is like fixative, it beautifies to what it touch and extend the oil performance and brings together the whole fragrance onto another level. This is at least how I understood it... if this understanding is correct then it makes complete sense to macerate musk in high quality oud oils to bring forward the quality experience.
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  5. Fahad

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    Absolutely!! Musk and sandalwood by itself might appeal to certain tastes but the real magic manifests when combined with other oils e.g. rose, oud.

    image1 (3).jpeg

    Raw musk grains from Brother Ulugbeg Abdumominov

    IO Mysuru.jpeg

    Pristine clear IO mysuru about to get muddied

    Paste 2.jpeg

    Resulting paste


    A week later
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  6. Fahad

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    Wonder if sandalwood has a saturation point whereby after maceration the musk notes cease to intensify. If not then maybe it's a good idea to replace the grains with a fresh batch every few months : )
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    Wow! Replacing the grains with fresh grains may result in a powerful maceration, I never thought of that:thumbsup:
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    You could then re-extract the first batch of grains you remove in fresh sandalwood oil, repeat for each additional “charge” of grains in the original oil... keep moving the extracted grains from the repeatedly infused oil into less infused oils back down the line...
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  9. Joe King

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    I am wondering if anyone can explain the green colour of my musk maceration?
    It is Siberian musk from ninjarob in feel ouds santal 100k (I have some in moringa oil and its the same colour).
    Second picture is for reference, its Kashmir musk in mysore.

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  10. Fahad

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    Brilliant Mr. P..Now the musk market awaits a new generation of macerations suffixed by the letter X followed by a digit.. Each soak being 6 months long it would be easy for discerning customers and musk maniacs alike to know how long their precious procurements have been soaked with the increasing intensity from longer soak periods justifying the price hikes.

    Also included in the labelling would be a code... A series of letters, numbers indicating the origin of the grains used. So Musk X 6 K3S2T1 would tell me the oil's been macerating for 3 years, first 3 soaks in kashmiri, then two siberians and one tibetan.

    As in the organic market some clever musk marketing messages might also crop up e.g '.... Mysore Mother / Wet Grains...Mother indicating first oil in the soak line... or 'Baby Vanuatu semi dry' signifying an inferior grade soaked in a used charge of grains catering to a larger market base.

    So what would be a resonable price for M X 20 KSTMC20 (Mysore Mother Wet Grains)???

    Green being the color of envy I would posit the Siberian is seething with envy towards it's kashmiri compeer!
    ; )

    Seriously though the only variable I see is the musk...Now what looks green in color... I shudder to think further knowing where the musk pod lies ; )
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  11. Rai Munir

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    No doubt, dear and respected Fahad. Last year I posted about having Musk grains from five different regions mixed. As usual I didn't grind them, but mixed them well and let the time play its vital part. No oil at all. Just semi wet Kashmiri, and Centeral Asian Musk grains, and fully dried Tibetan, Mongolian and Siberian Musk grains. I opened the jar before posting it, and the divine scented fumes were a concrete reality.
    Tibetan Kashmiri Mongolian Siberian C.S Musk.jpg

    Well, I think Musk grains never stop infusing their strength into Santal oil. Even as the time elapses, the maceration turns viscous a bit. Then, a dot is enough. I really mean it, A DOT. This Kashmiri Musk Mysore Santal Jasmine Sambac maceration is that much strong its tiny dot is more than enough. Now it's summer here, after this season, it will be the strongest one I have.
    Kashmiri Musk Santal Jasmine.jpg

    Now the Central Asian Musk grains I acquired from Ulugbek last year. I had in my mind the grains would smell Siberian scent. But, No. The scent is a mixture of august Kashmiri Musk and romantic Siberian Musk. Grains don't smell that strong to me, but in maceration, the scent is outstanding.
    Ulugbek Musk Santal.jpg

    One can see the quantity of Musk and Santal. Even then, different Musk grain Jar is breath-taking.

    Next time, I will share findings about Rose and Musk Santal maceration. I fully acted upon your words regarding Ward Taif and Musk. Thanks a lot, Sir.
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  12. Ulugbek Abdumominov

    Ulugbek Abdumominov Legal Central Asian Musk Expert and Trader

    Couple photos from me.

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