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    "I receive many queries from enthusiasts asking how we prepare our ingredients - here is your chance to experience both the sandalwood oil and the macerated musk. What we are offering is a maceration pack; 2.5ml of Mysore Sandalwood Oil and 2.5ml of the Siberian Musk maceration in the same oil. Consisting of aged Sandalwood and musk, this maceration is not a mere few grains at the bottom of a bottle, or meagre specs to make you feel good rather approx 30% by volume of musk to oil, so you will have a dense layer of musk grains at the bottom of the bottle."

    A lot of Musk, this is why when people smell our oils they notice a considerable difference in quality, it isn't just a matter of high quality ingredients, but also how much of the ingredient is used, the photo speaks for itself.

    At $299 for the kit it is a steal, don't miss out click <<here>> to get yours now!

    behind the scene video on our Instagram
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    That's it. Quality of musk scent and quantity of musk grains are interlinked.
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