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    I want to tell a little about Mongolian musk.
    Mongolian musk deer lives in the North-Western part of Mongolia (part of the Altai mountains), slightly captures the border of China and goes North to the Russian Republic of Tuva.
    This picture shows the approximate habitat of the Mongolian musk deer:
    The color of musk is dark brown, the smell of musk is calmer and softer than Siberian.
    Much different from the exterior of the pods. They are usually without hair or nearly no hair. A big plus of the pods that they have thin skin and as a percentage of the musk is much more than skin.
    Here are examples of what a Mongolian musk deer pod looks like:
    3-3.jpg 2-2.JPG 1-1.JPG
    Available in grasins and pods.

    Additional questions can ask here in private message or Whatsapp +79635228222
    I will be happy to answer them.
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    Well, what fragrance can be more mesmerising and intoxicating than Mongolian Musk!

    The day I had a maiden encounter with Mongolian Musk grain, I have forgotten where I kept Siberian musk in the cupboard.
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    Great piece of education dear brother Ninjarobb...very interesting if I were to distinguish between Siberian and mangolian ....what are the 2 or 3 most prominent I am a layman and I used to think since both the regions ( Siberian & mangolia) are pretty close ....which supposedly means the same vegetation and in my mind I thought it would be pretty much similar as compared to a Nepalese or a Tibetian musk which is diff. And pretty far off....but I will be eager to know your impressions....about the difference between mangolian & Siberian !

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    Today I received the Mongolian and the Siberian Musk grains,
    What a pleasure ?! It’s so fresh ,strong and powerful.
    I would like to let you know that I am very happy with my purchase and yes as you promised; I am very satisfied with
    Your product.
    Thank you very much.

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