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Magical Ambergris

Discussion in 'Other Things We're Into' started by tyson, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. tyson

    tyson Oud Alchemist

    Kether = Ambergris

    kether , according to qabalistic doctrines is the source of all , including that which is beyond manifestation. In human terms, it represents the reunion of a pure soul with Godhead. Kether symbolizes that source beyond the creator god, or universal mind. Universal mind is limited to the causal plane , below the abyss on the tree of life. Kether is known as the crown, and symbolizes the crown shakra. Thus wearing the scent of kether can be seen as a psycho-sensory stimulation of your crown center -the top psychic center above the head in yogic philosophy. Stabilizing consciousness at this center is the goal of human spiritual evolution. Of course wearing the scent wont take the place of the inner work of meditation. Rather it functions as a mnemonic device , directing your attention and contemplation toward spiritual development. Your personality affirms its identification with spirit by seeking the light above your head. Keywords or qualities we seek to stimulate with this scent including completion , devotion , eternity , peace, perfection, restoration, and unity.
    Ambergris has comparatively little perfume of its own, but it has a virtue of bringing out the best of any others with which it may be mixed. In the same way,, Kether cannot be said to have any intrinsic qualities, but its influence brings out the highest faculties of those ideas which it illuminates.
  2. GalileoFigaroMagnifico

    GalileoFigaroMagnifico Oud vibrations

    What would you consider to be the scent of Yesod?
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  3. tyson

    tyson Oud Alchemist

    Yesod is one of the divine elements of Creation that illuminates the world. Yesod correspondences reinforce this notion of a foundation, of something which lies behind, supports and gives shape to phenomenal reality.The idea of a foundation suggests that there is a substance which lies behind physical matter and “in-forms it” or “holds it together”, something less structured, more plastic, more refined and rarified, and this “fifth element” is often called aethyr. Eliphas Levi called this medium the “Astral Light”. Lets call it the ethreal note .
  4. GalileoFigaroMagnifico

    GalileoFigaroMagnifico Oud vibrations

    The "bones", essentially?
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  5. tyson

    tyson Oud Alchemist

    The bones still exist on the material plane , the either exists in the place between places the space between spaces , it is a dimension beyond that transcends physicality. Its the vibration that gives rise to manifestation
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  6. GalileoFigaroMagnifico

    GalileoFigaroMagnifico Oud vibrations

    How enlightening. I eagerly await your fragrant correspondences for the other sephiroth.
  7. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    An excellent morning thread read...... Mysterious stuff to be certain. This generation shall surely see many of these mysteries unfold before our eyes. Weather the information presented by our eyes shall be properly analysed by our brain remains to be "seen"
    For the heart also sees.....

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