Local Resins (or Fragrant Woods) Anyone?

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    Actually I do live in the pre-alps (the real alps are about an hour drive to the west from me). We also have crazy amounts of limestone, on one of my pictures you can see a quarry in the background. The white is mostly limestone which lies beneath most of the hills around here. Do you live in northern Italy? Looking forward to your pictures!
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    The place in my avatar is just a random forest picture from Google image search. ; )
    But yes, the area where I live currently has nice woods too. And If I take 90-100km trip by bus or foot (that’s only 2-3 days on foot) there are beautiful mountains and big woods too!

    I did not take pictures of fir tree and its cones yet, cause there are clouds and rain for last 2 days.

    No, I have no experience with raw oakmoss material. And the last time I saw it in nature was around 20 years ago when I was a kid ^^. I did not know even what it was at that time.
    I’ve been searching for it in my local area for last 2 years, but no success. The place where I saw it when I was a kid is located around 80km from here. I might revisit it one day.

    Around 2 years ago I bought an absolute which has a bottle that looks exactly like this one:

    ...but inside there is some deep brown thick slime/concrete. And it smells nothing like oakmoss notes in most perfumes. It smells like soy sauce with a pinch of salt and fish. :( I should have bought it in some specialized shop like hermitageoils instead of ebay.

    By the way, I’ve tried to heat up fir tree resin today. It wasn’t disappointing at all! It smells quite a bit like frankincense, a bit citrusy a bit mentholic smell, light, not musky like myrth, not as heavy as pine. :Thumbsup:
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    Bush types of lichen only grow where the air is extremely pure. They are much more rare than the types that grow on trees hugging the bark. Even in forests surrounding my village I can't find bush lichen types, only the bark kind. I have to go higher up, so perhaps you should try in the mountains. After all, it will only take 2-3 days by foot ;)
    Having a car is a must in my parts. You cant get anywhere without one.

    I am glad that the fir tree resin smells great. Can't wait to find some.
    With spruce resin I also got that clean frankincense like atmosphere but perhaps even more pleasing on its own, with a more full scent profile, but I used only the really white transparent part of the resin to get that scent. Although frankincense mixed with a bit of myrrh is still my favorite resin to burn.
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    I would love to visit my mountains again, but I’m quite busy with my work and life. I’m not sure if I could spare a few days for having fun. Anyway here are some pics:

    That’s the only remaining bits of the cones I used for tincturing. Sadly not much. : (

    Here is one on the tree, but it must be minimum 10 meters high. Unlike spruce here their cones can be found only on the top part of the tree.


    The resin of this fir tree is very white, almost like clear plastic/luminescent white. Even aged one seems to stay white. (don't mind the bark on the pic)


    Trunk bark. Not sure how old are those trees, maybe 60-70 years old. Unlike spruce it seems solid, not flaky and green algae covered.


    I'm telling this because for me it would be easy to overlook fir among spruce, unless being close to it.
    From far away they might easily blend in the forest and seem the same.
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    @Grega and @Woodland Note , love all these pictures of trees :Inlove:
    Its great to see what members are doing and experimenting with.
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    Switzerland :)
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    Nice thread
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