Kekuantan Tenang

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    Distillation year : End of 2018
    Location : North Papua
    Style : Clean, Bright, Jungly, Exotic, Social Friendly

    I spoke at the beginning of the year with a fellow oud lover about the desire that La Maison KHENATA had at release a papuan oud really representative of the region.

    Work on filaria? Knowing that I still do not have the organizational means to ensure the distillation by myself on the spot ?
    No thanks, being my biggest nightmare, I reserve filaria for another day.

    The solution came from my bead carver who has a friend who is quite good at steam distillation (to translate: no smell of smoke nor fatty texture).

    After trying some of his work, I immediately ordered few tolas to take advantage of a wholesale price with all the customized misbahas and other bangles that I ordered to share with you.
    That's why I'm able to offer the kekuantan Tenang at this unbelievable price.

    After a jungly mineral, slightly earthy opening, it morphs into a sweet bright perfume à la vintage Eau D'Issey with mango peel.
    Unobstructive sillage, it surprisingly last quite long.

    At this price, you’ll get a pretty nice ambassador of what the Ledermanii gyrinops must be according to LMK taste, and of course it's from wild wood ...
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    At this price, grab it fast !
    Tola deal aviable upon request ...
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    I got my tola...its worth it everydays!

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