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Kannauj: The Unsung Heroes Of Indian Perfumery

Discussion in 'The Art of Traditional Perfumery' started by Ashfaque, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Ashfaque

    Ashfaque Analogue Oud

    Kannauj: The Unsung Heroes of Indian Perfumery
    Episode 3 of 3 from Nihkil
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  2. Rai Munir

    Rai Munir Musk Man

    :handok: Quite interesting. For, Musk Root was attractive as it was not that much ground. Important learning for me. Thanks for sharing. By the way, those unsung heroes are mostly low paid, better say unpaid. Otherwise, they would have been 'sung' heroes. I am getting socialist day by day. Sorry.
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  3. Rashim Goel

    Rashim Goel Just Arrived

    This youtube channel by Nikhil, I am loving it. I know that this community is small, but I think with our growing economy and increasing spend on luxury, Attars will come back in the mainstream. I pray that the hard work of these "Crafters" should be known to the world. And when demand will rise, more people will join this industry. I myself was born in Kannauj and have many industries doing wholesale of attars and essential oils in foreign countries. When these western civilizations are appreciating us, why not we should.
    Attars are the pride of India and we should this heritage.
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