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Incense and Bakhoor

Discussion in 'Incense Sticks and Bakhoor' started by Ouddict, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Hosayn

    Hosayn True Ouddict

    Tokusen Jinsui (Chinsui) Aloeswood Sham

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  2. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Kohgen-Baieido Koshiboku Long Stick

    I went from “What the @#!”
    to “Luvin it”:Cooler:

    It’s just that I was expecting a certain profile
    and was surprised at the batch difference,
    but as I adjusted, I liked it more and more.
  3. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    So I tried a little experiment today...I put some of @Al Shareef Oudh 7 orchards incense on my sub...just to see if it would be as nice...and it is ....so I can break pieces off and heat it...most pleasant scent indeed...
  4. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Baieido Kunsho

    A lot of notes condensed into this stick.
    I even pick up some tobacco.
    It must be a combination of the many aromatics
    plus the complexity of the agarwood itself,
    which is Cambodian.
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  5. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows True Ouddict

    East Malaysia from Ken

    at first I wasn’t understanding these pure Agarwood sticks but it finally clicked. Really nice subtleties that I was missing. Sweet woods with soft powdery notes and slightly resinous. I wish I could pick up more but I’m getting just beautiful wafts of Agarwood.

    Paired it with Olefaktory Galore 2020 beautiful combo.
  6. Hosayn

    Hosayn True Ouddict

    Translucent Path. From a generous friend. Wow this is celestial.

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  7. wildrnesxprienc

    wildrnesxprienc Whats this Oud About?

    Wow you got it so fast!

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  8. Stanley

    Stanley Whats this Oud About?

    Craft Incense - East Malaysia

    This one opens up with some deep ambery/spicy woods with florals slowly revealing themselves with time.
  9. Hosayn

    Hosayn True Ouddict

    Next day, it surprised my friend too.

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  10. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma True Ouddict

    Started the day with Dr. Incense Sinking Sri Lanka

    Chocolaty, marine oud bliss.
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  11. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Listening to Baieido's Tokusen Kobunboku

    Notes from the top to bottom:
    camphor, clove, agarwood, sandalwood, turmeric, spikenard, and a lot more herbs.

    traditional, relaxing, grounding, cooling, sweet, creamy, woody, savory, salty, herbal, soothing
  12. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Homemade Stick
    Nippon kodo Indonesian
    Smells almost like a cross between
    Kalimantan, Malinau, and Ambon.
    I’m simply stoked to have this agarwood.
  13. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    It is quite complex, and I feel that the recipe is not overdone, plus it supposedly contains Indonesian agarwood.
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  14. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    I agree that it has an Indonesian agarwood. most likely plantation.
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  15. Ouds student

    Ouds student True Ouddict

    Nippon Koddo- Aloeswood , lovely smell found it at a local Japanese store
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  16. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Dr.’s Tarakan

    Always a pleasure
    although it seems like the mid to top notes
    dominate the base
    when I compare it to other sticks.
  17. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    KZ Nha Trang thin sticks

    At the time I got these
    I would wonder
    “what is the Nha Trang profile here”?
    Then after months of exposure to various
    Vietnamese woods and sticks,
    I can light this one and recognize
    the Nha Trang immediately.
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  18. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    RPP Meroke senkoh

    pepper(spicy, brisk, hot) chocolate(sweet, bitter), musk(warmth, animalic). very potent!
    ideal for chilly weather. smells very 'hot'. somewhat reminds me of hot chocolate with a dash of ginger.
  19. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows True Ouddict

    Nippon Kodo’s Zuiun Aloeswood

    not sure if there’s actually anything in here that resembles Agarwood but it’s a beautifully rich, creamy scent. The benzoin gives the perfect golden touch. I layered this with East Malaysia from Ken. Absolutely wonderful combo!
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  20. Ouds student

    Ouds student True Ouddict

    Layering Incense! Thats next level !
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