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Incense and Bakhoor

Discussion in 'Incense Sticks and Bakhoor' started by Ouddict, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma Oud Fanatic

    Dr. Incense Processed Merauke.

    This was has a lot of sentimental value for me. I get dark chocolate/cacao, roasted coffee vibe.
    I have never heated wood from merauke. So, can not really judge how close this stick smells but this is a wonderful stick in my opinion. Just like a smooth, and a bit bitter dark chocolate.
  2. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows Oud Fanatic

    Craft Incense - Ocean’s Gold.

    I really dig this composition. It’s a shame my single pack is about to be burned up. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I do enjoy the reaction my clients have when I burn this in the studio. Some love it and others think it’s repulsive.
  3. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma Oud Fanatic

    I like that stick too.
    I recently tried dipping sticks in strong Ambergris tincture and letting them try before lighting. It adds a layer of incense induced tranquility. Give it a try when you are on your own, not with the clients. If you know what I mean! That oomph is not for everybody.;)
    I think somebody on here suggested doing so. I don't remember who exactly.

    PS: Ambergris used for the tincture was grey but added a tiny bit of brown grade to add that depth.
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  4. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Nippon Kodo Kyara Asuka

    Nice marriage of agarwood and aromatics,
    with an equally nice low temp delivery
    ........no charcoal binder here.
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  5. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    Baieido - Kaden Kobunboku
    Spicy, sweet, bitter, creamy scent.
    I love this incense. it's very affordable, but the quality is very good.
    I don't deny small artisans like Ken, Dr.incense, RPP makes really great high-quality incense, but Baieido really trumps them on a low budget level incense.
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  6. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma Oud Fanatic

    Tongan Sandalwood by KZ.

    Is it S. Austracaledonicum ? or S. Yasi ? It smells Santalum Album to me.
    I have more than two dozen sandalwood incenses, all from different regions, different grades, different techniques. They all are so similar, yet so distinctive. Each one has a unique character. Some are more terpene like, some are buttery-fatty while others exhibit powdery aroma.
    This is all so alluring.
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  7. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Shoyeido Ga-ho (Refinement)

    Quite aromatic, and yet very agarwoody.
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  8. Dan

    Dan True Ouddict

    Custom Sinking PNG - A Dear Friend (doesn't want to be named)

    This stick is surely up there on raw materials, composition on ratio of Makko, coal and agarwood content...

    The stick gives green, mineral notes and once it goes it leaves a trail of vanillic woody note in the room.

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  9. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Ken’s Ambon stick

    I’m still wondering how it is so aromatic.
    Someone who bought a chunk of this wood
    remarked that it was oudh on steroids:D
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  10. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows Oud Fanatic

    I’m getting excited for his next release. I have his Brunei/Tarakan sticks and I really enjoy how heavy and dark they are.
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  11. Mustafa

    Mustafa True Ouddict

    Sounds good. Please send me the link. I want to try some.
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  12. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

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  13. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows Oud Fanatic

    make sure that you order within the first few minutes of the launch. You’ll get a passcode and once launch time hits most of the more intricate Oud/ambergris/artisinal stuff sells out within 10 minutes while other scents might stick around for an hour or two.
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  14. Mustafa

    Mustafa True Ouddict

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  15. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun True Ouddict Staff Member

    RPP Laoshan Monkoh. complemented with Malli Kaapi(Jasmine Coffee) topped hot chocolate.
    rich luscious jasmine garden fills out my mouth and meditative sandalwood fills my nostrils.
    my body is filled up with fragrance... bliss!

    what a great way to enjoy this Sunday.
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  16. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Dr. Incense Kalimantan

    Note to self ... get more!

    It possesses both a Tarakan
    and a Papuan vibe.
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  17. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time! Staff Member

    Yeah these are bomb!
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  18. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    Hainan China insence stick from Attar store.
    Very cool...nice burn sensation with relaxing spice scent...lingering around for some time after...very comforting...
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  19. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma Oud Fanatic

    Shoyeido Ga-Ho

    I feel like they struck the right balance between other aromatics and agarwood in this stick. Hence, the name, "Refinement".
  20. Hosayn

    Hosayn True Ouddict

    Vintage 80’s Mysore on the heater. [​IMG]

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