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Incense and Bakhoor

Discussion in 'Incense Sticks and Bakhoor' started by Ouddict, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    KZ Merauke

    Notes of wood and gravel glued together by oudy resin.
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  2. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun Oud Fanatic Staff Member

    Yamadamatsu's Hojo red(Firebird red)

    I have only 3 sticks of it as a sample.

    My nose is not developed enough to catch all nuances in this kyara incense. this one is very delicate and subtle. very hard to describe.
    my sense of smell is 6 out of 10 today. so that might be the reason.

    ethereal(quite not like other ethereal though), silky soft, sweet(very little), mineral is all I can say about this one. and it reminds me of kyara incense from Taiwan incense house. maybe I should try their offering again.
    I'm not gonna burn this one until my sense of smell is at peak.

    @Oudamberlove how would you describe this incense?
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  3. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I would describe the aroma as sweet like maple syrup, plus roasted peanut shells, plus a resiny agarwood.
    But there’s more going on, and the blend is very tight that it will take several sessions of listening to unlock more facets.
    Lovely stick:Thumbsup:
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  4. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun Oud Fanatic Staff Member

    Thanks! I get resiny agarwood too. somewhat remind me of high-quality Vietnamese oud. not sure about the composition but it's lovely.
  5. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    This morning...I am getting more of the mineral side of the Hojo Red, and I notice that part of the binder is charcoal, so that suggests more resins are in the mix than spices. A complicated cocktail for sure. I just lit the older batch of Hojo Red, and in that stick, a bit more wood note and a little tease of kyara note.

    Right now, my Pinoy Privee stick.
    Two ingredients....agarwood and makko,
    but if I blind tested it, I would swear that there is a touch of cream, a floral element, and a mix of at least four spices in the recipe.
    It goes to show that the beauty of agarwood is it’s ability to display a kaleidoscope of aromas.
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  6. Santal Claus

    Santal Claus True Ouddict

    This thread is dominated by two incense nerds now. Very fun to read. Just now I burnt (at the same time) Baieido smokeless rose incense, dark hojary frankincense, fir balsam incense (for those of you that do no know this tree from Eastern Canada and Eastern USA, it's a great conifer smell), a minute's worth of both (on very high heat) for agarwood and Indian sandalwood.
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  7. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun Oud Fanatic Staff Member

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  8. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I am very thankful for this Ouddict forum, because in between the hustle and bustle of daily life, I get these stolen moments to share my passion, and to take-in what others have to share.
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  9. soulfoud

    soulfoud Whats this Oud About?

    Dr. Incense processed Nagaland this afternoon during endless videoconferences.
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  10. Santal Claus

    Santal Claus True Ouddict

    This Dr. Incense gets a lot of love in this thread. How long have they been around?
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  11. Andrew Salkin

    Andrew Salkin it's aboud time!

    Not sure how long he's been around but his drop is happening tomorrow morning at 5am est - mad people forget to set their alarms and miss it bc it sells out fast. As far as high end Agarwood sticks go that are actually attainable, Dr incense gets my vote. kyArazen has an email list serve but it's all filled up so it's impossible to buy from him.

    A more niche and smaller vendor with great sticks is Ken cannata.

    Dr incense sticks are totally professional tho. The packaging is great. Sticks are all the same size and width and burn really well. I wouldn't be surprised if he either had a really professional incense extruding machine that can process high volume like what the Japanese companies have but a smaller version. That or he sends raw materials out to a 3rd party who grinds, mixes, extrudes and packages. His operation is very much a mystery to me. You will pay around 8-12 bucks a gram depending on quality of his sticks. He has sells kodo square cuts of the wood he uses in his monthly stick drop. These aren't always available though.

    I have a lot of love for his blends tho. His Agarwood sticks are great but for example. His blue lotus sticks are some of the most unique and beautiful sticks I've ever smelled.

    His marketing is brilliant too. He sells out of everything within a few hours so from a business perspective he never has left over stock. A really great strategy for maintaining hype and cash flow. The quality is great but even if if wasn't, hed still probably sell out. See supreme clothing company for perfect example of "drop" sales with Uber shitty quality lol.
  12. Taesik Yun

    Taesik Yun Oud Fanatic Staff Member

    My sense of smell is at peak today.
    so I'm trying Yamadamatsu's Hojo red(Firebird red) again.

    I'm burning it right now and this is my raw impression.

    Wooow!!!!! my first impression was completely wrong.
    Hojo red opens up with cinnamon-ish spicy and magnificent silky mind-boggling sweetness.
    I'm overwhelmed by this regal phoenix. I'm so hopeless against this one.
    so beautiful... I can't think straight... I'm blown away.

    well, I'll enjoy this moment. forgive me for not describing it properly...
    goodbye, I'm going up in heaven...
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  13. soulfoud

    soulfoud Whats this Oud About?

    Ken has a drop happening Sunday, so don't worry too much if you miss out on Dr. Incense. Ken sells out too, just not so quickly.
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  14. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Cannata Mysore stick dipped in Siberian Castoreum tincture, then allowed to dry.

    I get a medicinal vibe plus exotic perfume.

    Plus another stick dipped in civet tincture, then allowed to dry.

    A nutty civet aroma.

    Both experiments for possible applications.
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  15. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    Aloeswood stick dipped in hojari tincture. So-so...
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  16. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Did the stick even stay lit?
    I haven’t tried it yet, but judging by the strength of my tincture, the Frankincense would simply dominate.

    Today, I tried 3 more sticks that I just made, it really requires two more days drying, but all-in-all, I am very happy with the outcome.

    The first is made with Habzoud Sinking Filipino agarwood. So obviously, it is good.

    The other two employed just a teenee tiny bit of gum tragacanth. So far, I detect no smell from the gum, but when the sticks are totally dry, I’ll check to see how easily they will break.
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  17. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Cannata Papua New Guinea

    Although his Ambon stick is powerful, and this
    PNG stick quiet, I enjoy the PNG profile more.
    Sweet resin, florals and fruits, thick oudiness, a touch mineral, perfume, and wood.
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  18. Habz786

    Habz786 Resident Artisan & Forum Co-Founder

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  19. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    I certainly do:Inlove::Inlove:
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  20. Oudamberlove

    Oudamberlove Member

    Kyukyodo Akikaze

    A bit of turmeric, flower petals, and agarwood.

    Nice proportions, enjoyable aroma.
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