How Do You Use Oud Oils? Please Vote!

Discussion in 'General' started by Arsalan, Nov 4, 2018.


How do you most frequently use oud?

  1. As a standalone daily fragrance, like one would perfume

  2. Layered with attar as fragrance

  3. Oud + Perfume/cologne

  4. For “study” / meditation / relaxation

  5. Use?!? I just collect oud oils

  6. Special occasion standalone fragrance

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  1. Arsalan

    Arsalan Oud Fan

    Just wondering how fellow members most frequently use oud...
    If you do use it as a daily fragrance, what is (or are) your favourite oils for that purpose?

    What got me really into oud was a search for a fragrance to use day to day instead of “designer perfumes” after learning so much about oud i realize certain oils are just too special to use in such a way...
    However, it is a matter of perspective and personal choice...because end of the day no two artisanal oud distillations will be exactly 100% identical, so really each oil truly is special...and that leads to a problem, atleast for me...that some oils i just can’t bring myself to swipe freely because i may never be able to replace them...
    Certain oils i have found are better left for when one is alone...they may require study time to appreciate the subtleties, better for introspection...and also, in some cases, to be sensitive to others who may not understand what they are smelling :Roflmao:...

    Still what really draws me to an oud oil is the ability for it to be a standalone basically it has to smell good (I know that is very subjective....but still...), decent longevity so that one application in the morning can be enough for the day, some projection at least, and finally, be a reasonable enough price that one doesn’t go broke taking a swipe or two or three a day...

    So far, in my oud journey my 3 favourites to use as a standalone fragrance for the day are EO TWR, TW95 and on warm days this past summer, GP.
    I am sure the list will there are still a few oils that i have, but not given enough wears to see if i can use them in such a way...
  2. Woodland Note

    Woodland Note Oud Fan

    My original interest in agarwood has been using it in a creation of my own perfect perfume. And I still mean to, though I think I’m far from achieving this objective. But since I got to know oud I simply enjoy to smell it in my room accompanied by music. I think it’s a relaxing scent indeed.

    Scents are something that blends with other experiences in my memories, letting me to remember things stronger... or to retrieve those memories easier.

    As for the perfumes, I’m not really a person who uses or would use them daily. Even my imaginary perfect one. But once in a while, for some special occasion...
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