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    Location : Upper Assam
    Distillation year : 2018

    Can we talk about terroir when we compare two different subspecies? This would undoubtedly lead to lessening the intrinsic characteristics of the latter.

    Does the notion of terroir exist? Absolutely!

    Now, let's talk a bit about Aquilaria Malaccensis, certainly the most versatile subspecies, all the oud distillers will agree ...

    7 kilos of incense grade wood collected at the southern border of Arunachal Pradesh between Nagaon of Assam and Tinsukia of Nagaland.

    An almost new steel pot, a pyrex condenser and the most important : drinking water.

    Even if it was decided a 10 days soaking I challenge you to tell me: yes Guldasta smells a bit like such Hindi oud I already smelt elsewhere.

    You'll may tell me : "are you sure you did not mislabeled it with a Malinau or an East Sumatra"
    The most vanillic hindi without falling into the "sweet oud" style, the most pollenous floral that only a Sumatran can give and yet 100% Hindi ...

    Guldasta: a Hindi like no one has ever smelt and cherry over the cake, a hindi you will cherish!

    PS : - it's a modern kind of hindi, don't expect any barn notes from it.

    -special credit to @Dan who helped me naming it.
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