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Free Samples To Ouddict's *please Just Pay Shipping

Discussion in 'Meleg Perfumes' started by mattmeleg, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Hi guys,
    I'm putting together a couple of free sample packs for ouddict members.
    As I said, I am truly grateful to your knowledgeable experience with oud and eastern Attars.

    The only thing I ask in return is your impressions.
    Although I have had good reviews with my perfumes so far, I am always always looking to improve!

    Just contact me by email and I will send you samples later this month


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  2. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows Oud Fanatic

    I’ve tried your Aoud perfume recently as a sample and if you’d like some constructive feedback let me know.
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  3. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Yes brother, I would really appreciate that. I know your knowledgeable and definitely respect your opinion.
    Also, please email me and I can send you some more samples!
  4. Castingshadows

    Castingshadows Oud Fanatic

    So I feel like you’re on the right track with perfumery in general however I would loved to have seen a stronger use of Oud in your Aoud perfume.

    I know that in western perfumery the idea is to dilute, dilute, dilute! But with Oud, the profile of sweet Thai oils is hard to coax out in a composition without it getting lost in the mix and that’s usually at full strength. When you dilute the Oud to 5% what happens is the material simply acts as a fixative and nothing more. I think the scent is lovely floral offering however it feels too safe. It doesn’t have the characteristic of an Oud based perfume. In the future I would love to see a stronger emphasis on Oud as an actual base rather than just a fixative.

    I’m excited to see where this new journey is taking you especially because you have the right personality to bring to the table. I just hope in the future that you create offerings that showcase the beauty of Agarwood rather than simply the fixative properties. Overall the tenacity was wonderful and the scent projects really well. You made a great creation and I would recommend this fragrance to anyone that’s new to the world of Oud.

    As for the scent it opens with a lovely floral bouquet of roses, white florals and something almost citrusy like a grapefruit. There’s a soft bitter greeness present that is wonderful. Overall the scent shows slight resinous facets in the drydown. It’s a lovely use of florals and feels very wearable which for some us is a setback but for any Oud novice this is a great introduction into The Thai Oud profile.
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  5. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    O wow man!
    This has been SO HELPFUL TO ME!
    Yes, I agree 1000% with you.

    Christmas should help me financially and I'm going to invest in a whole lost of oud sample sets,
    and possibly travel to Asia to really investigate the various types of oud. I really need to capture those nuances within oud.

    To capture these nuances within my mind, I need further study.

    Can you please recommend anyone in Vancouver Canada?
    Someone who might be able to share, and study into little oud samples with me?
    Thank so much,
    I wish I had your real name...

    But please send me an email, and I will send out some nice samples to you!
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  6. DubOudh

    DubOudh Aster Oudh

    I am quite sure if you contact ISH from RoyalBengal Oudh here he can be most helpful to you. He is based perhaps in Montreal (not sure) but Canada none the less. He is perhaps one of the most generous vendors I know of. Send him a pm Matt...
    Great work..
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  7. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    I just contact Ish, and I will be purchasing a sample of all his various ouds.
    I need to continue my study.
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  8. Mr.P

    Mr.P Evoloudtionary Bioudlogist

    He has some good ones but I would not say that his oils are very typical. Received a sample of several and they were OK but lots of crazy weird fermentation and strange notes. These are kind of rough ouds that seem to be fermented heavily in many cases, with a lot of notes that I think reflect hard distillation as opposed to subtle nuances of oud. Just saying I wouldn't want to form a first impression of oud (like you are) from his offerings. These would make more sense once you already have developed some familiarity with the material.
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  9. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    awesome, I do have some clean ouds now.... so I am looking for funk!
    thanks for your kind insight,
    is there someone else you might also recommend?
    Be well!
  10. FragSyndrome

    FragSyndrome Just Arrived

    Matt, I'm very much a novice with oud but I have tried about a dozen ouds from RoyalBengalOuds (Ish is VERY generous with samples!), I've tried a few ensar ouds, an agar aura oud, 3 PurePresence ouds, and a Suko Oud (thanks CastingShadows!)

    So I'm very much an oud novice compared to many people on this forum but most likely far more experienced than the most of your customers, especially since nearly all my perfumes are Oud heavy artisan scents.

    So, I tried your Oud Perfume and really enjoyed it, I could absolutely smell the oud in it and I think that it does lift up the composition. I would like to advise that you consider trying to use an Indian oud profile in a fragrance - perhaps consider mixing a bit of Indian oud into that oud perfume? If there's any oud that's going to impart a substantial and distinct scent profile to your fragrance, it's Indian oud and it will do so at far lower quantity than other ouds out there. I don't think I'm really explaining this well but please - sample soak and non-soak Indian ouds! Ish at RBO has a really nice non-soak Indian oud that was has served me well for layering with other fragrances.

    Also - I was blown away by the quality of the Suko Oud sample that I've tried at it's alleged price point. If you're looking to work with an oud distiller that can supply you with quality oud with unique scent profile at a great price - it just might be Suko Oud. CastingShadows has sampled quite a few of them; hoping he can chime in on this.

    PS: I dont want to put words in his mouth but I think that CastingShadows gave you some constructive criticism of your perfume called 'Oudh' based on his expectations. When you name a fragrance 'Oudh' you expect it to be all about the oud - perhaps to have supporting notes that draw out different facets of the oud. Had you named your 'Oudh' perfume something like "Amber Oudh" or "Oudh Civet", I think expectations would be a little different.
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  11. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Thanks so much for your great information,
    I am definitely considering Ish.
    Have a great evening! I have a lot to learn about oud, and eastern scents in general,

    Are you interested in sampling my first batch of non-oil perfumes? "attars," so to speak (not made in the traditional manner of course)

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  12. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    About naming my perfumes,
    you are right!
    I definitely need to give more thought to naming them better.
    For example my "forest florals," is not like pine trees at all - its actually very much a classic jasmine perfume :)
    Oh there's many many things to learn, but I'm learning everyday and you guys can count on me to make better and better perfumes through the years!

    Take care
  13. FragSyndrome

    FragSyndrome Just Arrived

    As your PNW neighbor I’d love to swing by one day, give you a post-COVID high-5 and talk perfumes. As far as sampling your attars go - they would be wasted on me. Run that one by CastingShadows, I think his input would be truly valuable.
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  14. mattmeleg

    mattmeleg Oud Fanatic

    Awesome advice, thanks!

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