For Swap: 2010 Assam Organic (north Assam)

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  1. Philip

    Philip Whats this Oud About?

    I do like soaked Hindis, I just don't love them the way I used to.

    Incidentally, that's a topic that I have always found really interesting - people's evolution of taste in Oud. But I digress...

    I have a full 3gr bottle of EO 2010 Assam Organic (North Assam). This is actually my favorite iteration of the AO line, and I have struggled for some time with whether to list it for a swap. I extracted a whopping total of 1 swipe.

    I have been getting my fix for "barnyard" from my 0.3gr samples of Yunus, Zachariyya, AO 2010 Meghalaya, AO 2010 Assam, AO 2007 Arunachal Pradesh - so this bottle is truly in excellent condition.

    I am looking to swap for a full bottle of an oud of commensurate quality/pricing. I will also be happy to entertain lesser quantities of higher caliber ouds.

    If you're interested, just try me.

    Best regards!

    PS: If you have a bottle of EO Archinam, I will swap with you and pay you the difference - AND even consider a premium.

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  2. hasans1

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    what's the retail?
  3. Philip

    Philip Whats this Oud About?

    If I remember correctly, I believe it retailed for $350

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